3 Tips to Planning a Successful Summer Event

3 Tips to Planning a Successful Summer Event

When you’re planning an event in the summertime, it’s important to consider all the factors that can arise: rain, scorching temperatures, soggy food—the list goes on. So, when deciding where to host the venue, what types of food to serve, and how to go about the entertainment, consider how natural elements may play a part. A hint? You might want to go with an indoor venue to stay safe.

Here are 3 tips for planning a successful summer event that can go on flawlessly.

Have a Back Up Plan

If you are choosing to host an event outdoors, have an indoor back-up plan in case the weather isn’t cooperating. Rain can be problematic for outdoor gatherings, and when the heat and sun and are too strong, it can raise risk of heat stroke amongst guests. To save the ambulance call, an indoor venue, with lovely AC, can help.

Or, you can choose an indoor venue that offers outdoor space for part of the activity. For instance, maybe cocktails and apps can be outdoors, while the main event will be inside. 

Have Lots of Water and Food

In the summer, it’s easy to become dehydrated and lightheaded due to lack of water or food. To make sure all guests have enough fuel in their tanks and are staying hydrated, provide lots of water bottles (or have pitchers available), as well as foods that provide protein and nutrients to keep the body energized and the mind alert.

Invite Guests Early On

It often feels as though summer is filled with plans—from weddings and birthday parties to lazy weekend barbecues and happy hours after work, there’s always so much going on, as people are hoping to stay as active as possible.

Since these dates fill up so fast, you’ll want to send out invites as soon as possible to lock in your guest list before people start making alternative plans. That means, send out a save the date if needed, and don’t wait until a few weeks before to notify others’ of the festivities.

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