4 Graduation Party Planning Tips

4 Graduation Party Planning Tips by Viper Alley

It’s quite the accomplishment to end an academic chapter and hold that diploma in your hands. With such success comes celebration, where friends, family, and classmates can come together to share in the memorable experience. There’s no better way to gather everyone around than to host a graduation party! To make the event the best it can be, here are a few graduation party planning tips to keep in mind.

Choose Your Date Ahead of Time

Do you want to host a party following the graduation ceremony, or do you want to throw an event that coming weekend? Selecting your date and notifying those on your guest list in advance is super important, as graduation season means that there are tons of other people graduating simultaneously. You’ll want to beat the competition and secure RSVPs before other invites are sent out.

Have a Form of Entertainment

Get the party going with some great entertainment. Whether that’s with live music, gaming, such as arcade games or bowling, or comedy, like stand-up or improv, you’ll want to have an activity to set the mood and make the party enjoyable. Pick something that works for your venue and your personality.

Set up Photography

Be sure to capture every moment of this special day. You can either hire a professional photographer to take photos of the crowd—those candids really are the best!—or you can set up a photo booth for guests to snap their own shots. Include a few silly props so guests can have some fun dressing up and clowning around!

Have a Sign-In Book

Don’t let guests disappear without leaving their mark. Keep a sign-in book handy so guests can share a few words to congratulate you on your great accomplishment. That way, you can cherish the book for years to come, and people attending can feel as though they are a special part of your day and subsequent chapter.

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