5 Reasons To Plan A Party Indoors In The Summer

5 Reasons To Plan A Party Indoors In The Summer

When the sun is out, you might stray from the idea of spending a couple hours indoors for a private event; however, they’re actually several reasons to plan a party indoors in the summer that you should consider. Here’s one: frizz-free hair. Plus, they’re some really fun activities that can only happen indoors, such as bowling. Here are 5 reasons to ditch the sun and take the party inside.

Fresher Food

When you have egg salad sandwiches and desserts sitting out in the summer heat, they might taste more soggy or spoiled than usual. Rather than feeling pressured to eat right away, without letting time pass, you can host an event indoors in the summer, where the food will stay nice and chilled for a couple of hours. What’s more, no bees!

Lack Of Reliance On The Weather

Sure, it might be warm and sunny outside for most of the summer, but every few days, a rain shower will hit. Needless to say, rain and high winds can definitely make an outdoor event turn sour. Rather than relying on the weather forecast—and if you’re in Chicago, you know how fickle it can be—guarantee a perfectly planned event indoors during the summer, stress-free.

More Décor Options

When planning a party indoors, you have ample opportunity to decorate the space to match your vision. Without pesky code violations, fire hazards, bugs, or dirt, you’ll be able to include crafted centerpieces, edible arrangements, and other small, beautiful details that might not hold up as well outdoors.

Air Conditioning

No one wants to be that party guest with armpit stains. And in the summer, it’s pretty common, especially after you’ve been hanging out in the sun for hours. To banish any sweat residue, take the party indoors in the summer, where you can enjoy a fresh, welcomed breeze from the venue’s air conditioning. However, check with the venue first to guarantee the supply, as some may not offer it. 

It’s Safer

The last thing you want when hosting an indoor event in the summer is for a guest to get sick with heat stroke—and it can definitely happen. By having the party indoors, you’re reducing the risk of sickness and accidents, such as tripping over DJ cords in the dirt, getting too much sun, eating spoiled food, or getting attacked by bugs. All of these incidents can cause major stress and kill the mood. Take the less risky route with an indoor event, and enjoy your celebration, worry-free.

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