Tips from Queer Eye’s “Fab Five” for Your Next Party

Tips from Queer Eye's “Fab Five” for Your Next Party | Viper Alley

You may have heard of “Queer Eye,” the Netflix original that’s currently airing, where five men, known as the “Fab 5,” advise other men on fashion, self-care and grooming, dining, culture, and design. And, there’s no denying it—these men have some style and pizzazz, so it makes sense they’d have some genius ideas for how to host your next party.

Here are a few ideas from Queer Eye’s” Fab 5,” on how to make your next event a total blast that makes a splash.

Walk the Red Carpet

There’s no reason you and your guests can’t feel Oscar-worthy and glamorous at your next party! Get a red carpet and design it however you like—you can add glitter or keep it simple and chic. Hire a photographer to snap photos of guests as they make their way down the carpet and strike a pose. It’s the perfect way to start a bash on the right note.

Nosh on Fancy Passed Apps

Don’t just serve basic onion rings—make those appetizers fancier and sophisticated. Whether it be through including a sauce or gourmet cheese on a traditional slider or designing a charming cheese and charcuterie plate, it brings a level of class to an event that makes it stand out.

You’ll also want to explore new types of foods and flavors that are trending, such as kimchi, poke, and other delicious bites that people are incorporating into menus. It’s a good opportunity to get creative, and guests will be incredibly impressed by the fusion of ingredients and presentation.

Include Non-Alcohol Drinks With Some Spunk

Not everyone loves to drink alcohol at an event, so instead of offering just water and soda, create some fancy “mocktails,” so guests can feel as though they’re sipping on something indulgent and innovative, too. (In a nice cocktail glass, of course.)

You can also use natural sweeteners and syrups or incorporate fruit and more exotic flavors, like ginger or turmeric. And, consider adding juice or tea, such as a matcha or a watermelon juice.

Provide Unique Giveaways

Don’t just send guests home with a pen or notepad. Instead, get creative and think of a gift that’s unique and resonates with the theme of the party. For instance, you can create custom logos to go on apparel, bags, or hats, or you can even set up a game or activity that allows guests to go home with something that is handmade and special.

For instance, give guests the chance to paint a piece of artwork! Or, they can create their own fragrances, cocktails (to store in a bottle to take home), or crafts. It makes the party more interesting, and they’ll have something to remember the occasion by.

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