Corporate Summer Event Ideas

Corporate Summer Event Ideas

Just because the sun’s out and people are often vacationing throughout the summer, it doesn’t mean work stops. In fact, summertime is actually a perfect season to embrace work and improve office relationships, collaborative efforts, and productivity through the use of corporate events and team building activities.

Plus, since everyone is in a peppier mood in the summertime, you can use this positively to more effectively spark change. Here are a few awesome corporate event ideas in the summer.

Cooking Lesson

Summertime means grilling season and outdoor BBQs and potlucks. So, gather the team for a cooking lesson, where co-workers can work together on creating delicious meals and learning new skills. Then, you can all enjoy the meal as a team, with a few refreshing adult beverages, of course.

Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger hunts are really fun and also educational, as you’re using different parts of the brain to think creatively and in new, unconventional ways you’re not normally used to. By thinking outside the box and making quick decisions, you’re sharpening problem-solving skills that can be very useful in the office place. And, time will just fly by!

Cocktail Course

Ever wanted to learn about how certain wines or cocktails are created? What the origins are and what that means for the taste? Well, you can learn all of those things, and enjoy some tasty drinks in the process, by learning how to create craft cocktails. People love sitting out on a patio during the summertime with a cold beer or cocktail in hand, so choosing an alcohol-themed corporate event is right on theme for the summer and will allow teammates to bond.


Sometimes it’s just too darn hot out! Hosting a corporate event indoors with the A/C on can keep people cool and relaxed, so they can be more productive at whatever task they’re doing and feel more comfortable. Bowling is really fun, and it also creates a little friendly competition. Having a slight competitive edge, even amongst co-workers, can be advantageous, as it pushes everyone to work harder individually, while still not losing sight of a “team” aspect.

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