5 Wedding Theme Ideas That Are Perfect For Summer

5 Wedding Theme Ideas That Are Perfect For Summer

Summer means wedding season—between beautiful, bright flowers and light, fruity cocktails—it’s a great setting for a celebration. Plus, summertime just makes people feel happy in general, right? If you’re getting hitched, it’s important to plan ahead of time (to minimize any wedding stress) and go with a lively wedding theme to simply tie everything together. Here are 5 fantastic summer wedding theme ideas for a memorable affair.


Snagging a date in the summer can be tricky as is—especially if you’re a last minute bride—so booking a daytime wedding or one on an off day (like Sunday), could perhaps widen your selection and lower your costs. Plus, doing a daytime brunch for a wedding can be really fun and festive. Think about the food options: Omelet and waffle station, mimosas, and a few gourmet toast appetizers. Yum.


You don’t have to be on a boat or cruise to have a nautical theme for wedding. It’s easy to simply go with the theme right indoors—and your hair won’t get messed up in the breeze (every bride’s worry, of course). Scatter seashells and starfish around the room, provide a seafood buffet or a fish platter for appetizers, and pass around sailor hats for dance props.

A Color Scheme

Blue and white? Ivory and sparkles? Picking out one or two colors or features, and centering the atmosphere and little wedding details on those hues can make for a really stylized, classy wedding. A great way to color coordinate is by integrating the colors into minimal aesthetics, such as the flower bouquet, reception centerpieces, bridesmaids’ dresses, and boutonnieres.

A “Chilly” Summer

Playing off your favorite icy, summer treats is a great move for a summer wedding theme. Plus, who can resist snow cones, gelato, funky ice cubes, and chilled seafood, anyway? What’s more, a signature drink could be the uber trendy, “frosé.” It’s the perfect way to indulge in all your favorite refreshing treats, without any of the actual chilling temperatures. It’s a win-win.


This might seem strange, but it’s actually a fragrant and festive summer wedding theme. Think about this: You can scatter fresh lemons on the table, or create centerpieces incorporating elegant glassware which can hold olive branches, rosemary springs, and more citrus (perhaps throwing a few oranges or limes into the mix, as well). The bright colors are perfect for summertime, and the reception will smell awesome!

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