4 Reasons To Host An Indoor, Corporate Event In The Summer

4 Reasons To Host An Indoor, Corporate Event In The Summer

The best way to maintain employee morale and foster professional relationships? Create some fun, team-building opportunities outside the office. Bringing co-workers together can encourage greater collaboration and performance, so it’s definitely a good investment in the company’s growth and development.

While it might be easy to throw together an outdoor picnic, there are many benefits to hosting an indoor corporate event in the summer. Here, 4 reasons to note.

There’s Air Conditioning

Summer temperatures can be overwhelming, and there’s nothing worse than trying to spark a conversation and get to know your co-workers with a sweaty mustache or frizzed hair. To keep everyone comfortable, planning a summer corporate event indoors, with ample A/C, is a great idea. This way, the crowd will feel relaxed and ready to partake in the day’s activities.

You Can Learn Something New Together

Stepping outside your comfort zone with your team can improve business relationships, based on shared knowledge and new experiences. For instance, you can put together a mixology or cooking class indoors, where employees can cook up some delicious eats or concoct a few fancy cocktails. Plus, once the lesson ends, everyone is free to unwind and mingle over the finished product.

It’s Safer

It’s common to experience heat exhaustion—and even heat stroke, if the exhaustion phase isn’t immediately addressed—during the summertime. To guarantee safety during your summer corporate event, it’s wise to plan the activities indoors. For instance, if you’re doing a scavenger hunt or a few team-building, physical exercises in the heat, risk for dehydration and exhaustion is exponentially higher. You’re better off enjoying these same activities in a cooler, indoor setting.

You Have Access To More Activities

When planning an indoor corporate event in the summer, you have access to more activities than you would outside in the warmth. For instance, you can host a poker or casino night (a little friendly competition!), a movie marathon bash, or even a bowling tournament. Plus, themed games are usually so fun that time flies by—leaving employees satisfied and less stressed. And, these positive feelings will certainly carry over into the office.

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