4 Springtime Company Team Building Activities

4 Springtime Company Teambuilding Activities

If you’re looking to boost morale and productivity within your company, there’s no better way to spark change than through a team building event. By spending a few hours dedicated to collaboration, tackling problems, and having a few laughs, you’re allowing for greater benefits following the event, within the office culture itself. Here are the best company team building activities to try this spring.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always really fun and they are a great way to bring people together and improve communication skills. It’s also an excellent way to figure out how to sync mentally, where everyone is thinking along the same lines, looking outside the box, and solving problems together.

When it comes to the daily grind, these matters are so important in facilitating more productive behavior and results. Create a scavenger hunt that gets everyone moving—you can even take it outdoors for a few excursions, as the weather will be nice and warm in the springtime.


Don’t be shy—belt out your favorite tune. Karaoke is a fun way to indulge in talents (or lack there of, but it’s still harmless fun!) or step outside your comfort zone—which can relay into taking more risks and thinking creatively when at work.

Karaoke is an excellent way to facilitate team bonding. Who knows, you might even come up with a few themed songs that can further unite everyone back at the office. For instance, to get revved up for a project or to celebrate one’s success, you can play or sing the songs, which will create a sense of camaraderie.


You might associate bowling with childhood birthday parties, but think again. Bowling never gets old, and it’s an awesome activity for creating a healthy balance between a bit of friendly competition and some wonderful collaboration efforts. Plus, if you pair it with some snacks and beers, you’re bound to have a great time as well and make some memories that’ll improve connections when back at the office.


Improv is more challenging than it seems, as it requires you to think on the spot and in new, creative ways that you might not always be used to. These skills can really come in handy in the workplace, as it’s best to be prepared for any given situation and know how to adapt and give an appropriate response. Plus, improv can be really fun, and it’ll get everyone laughing together and seeing different personalities come to life.

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