The Bar & Bat Mitzvah Planning Checklist

The Bar & Bat Mitzvah Planning Checklist

The time has arrived—the transformation from child to adult, based on Jewish religion, of course. When you throw a bar or bat mitzvah, it’s a momentous occasion that involves close friends and family, as it marks a prominent change in a young boy or girl’s life. That being said, it makes sense that the party must be perfect, right?

Here’s what to address on your bar and bat mitzvah planning checklist, so you can be prepared and make this exciting day the best it can be.

Choose a Theme

By picking a theme in advance, you can then tailor the venue and little details accordingly. A great party will have everything aligned, where the overall experience makes sense and comes to life.

For instance, you can choose music or basketball as a theme. Then, make sure décor, centerpieces, and activities line up. You can set up hoops on the wall for basketball or bring in karaoke booths for the musical theme. Let your imagination wander.

Find a Venue ASAP

When it comes to bar and bat mitzvah season, weekend nights are packed. It’s likely that another classmate or two is throwing his or her bash on your same date. To say there’s competition is an understatement. So, you’ll need to find your preferred venue immediately and book way in advance.

Trust Your Venue’s Top Vendors

Give your venue staff some credit—they’ve helped plan many parties and have a long list of preferred vendors in the area to rely on. Save yourself some hassle (and focus on learning your Dvar Torah instead!), and let the experts help you secure top caterers, florists, and entertainment to make your big day really special.

Include Entertainment Options

Teens go crazy for entertainment, so make sure to include a wide variety of activities and gaming opportunities. If you have a DJ and dancing, include some traditional games, like “Coke and Pepsi” or “Musical Chairs.” You can also provide photo-booths, video games, or bowling—these will all bring adventure and fun.

And, you can even make food a form of entertainment, as well. Try including a dessert s’mores bar, where you can make your own creations. Or, feature a candy station, for guests to collect candy in goodie bags to take home at the end of the night.

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