6 Unique Dessert Options That Can Be Better Than Cake

What’s often one of the better parts of an event? The cake. However, with new trends in desserts on the rise, the traditional cake can easily be replaced with innovative and creative recipes sure to satisfy any sugar craving. Whether you go the chocolate, citrus, or savory route, these unique dessert ideas will wow your guests and end the night on a sweet, memorable note. Here are 6 awesome ways to enjoy dessert at your next event.

Candy Factory

Setting up a candy station at your next event will bring your guests back to childhood, where stuffing bags with gummy bears, jolly ranchers, and Reese’s cups were all the rage. Deciding on signage, décor, and brands ahead of time will help you create a fully stocked, diverse array of goodies that also double as party favors.

Skillet Cookies

A great dessert trend for 2017 is the gooey, toasty, skillet cookie. Popping up on menus abound, this indulgent treat takes your favorite course of a meal to whole new level. Offering a few skillet cookies per table is wise, as they are generally fit for family-sized sharing. For extra pizzazz, top the skillet cookie with fresh, whipped cream and a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup.

Cake Pops

While they’re technically cake, cake pops for dessert pave the way for unique flavor combinations, better portion sizes, and an easier bite (no fork required!). Ranging from birthday cake and cookie dough to red velvet and liquid-filled truffles, the possibilities are endless. Plus, guests can pack a few up in a box to take home after the event.

Liquor-Infused Ice Cream

Not only will setting up a sundae bar please your guests’ taste buds, but the added dose of spirits is also sure to keep the energy high. A new trend in desserts, these spirited ice creams are best used at an adult event; however, it’s easy to make it PG by swapping the liquor for an extra shot of chocolate chips or a molten filling of caramel sauce.

S’Mores Station

There’s no need to be at a campfire to enjoy a good, old-fashioned s’more. Setting up a s’mores table at an event is incredibly easy and allows guests to customize as they please. A s’mores bar is especially fitting for a team-building event, as the accompanying sentiments often resemble tight bonds and an intimate experience. Include items, such as nutella, different flavored marshmallows, dark chocolate chips, cookies, caramel sauce, and fresh fruit.


You can’t go wrong with a fried dessert, especially when it comes with powdered sugar, frosting, or dipping sauce. Serving a delicious donut recipe at an event has become very popular, as it’s sure to satisfy any crowd and boasts a great variety. You can either stuff donuts with a liquid filling (such as nutella, salted caramel sauce, or jelly), or prepare them on a plate with a few sauce options. Let your guests’ imaginations go wild!

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