How To Keep Your Team Motivated After A Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can really strengthen a company’s team by bringing co-workers together and increasing their ability to collaborate. Apart from the workplace benefits, a corporate outing also makes for a fun and exciting way to enjoy the day and establish long-term relationships.

Corporate Events | Viper AlleyBy choosing activities that emphasize team building, problem solving, trust and personal storytelling, it’s a great lesson in working together efficiently and finding comfort in the people you work with day-to-day.

However, once the corporate event is over and everyone goes back to the daily grind, the sentiments can get lost.

Once returning to office dynamics and work stress, it’s hard to focus on bettering the connections you had developed during the team-building process. Follow these steps to keep your team motivated, strong and collaborative long-term.

Establish An “Inside Joke”

Whether it’s a group “fist-pump” after solving an obstacle or a lunch item that you shared together during the corporate event, keep the energy strong by incorporating the “inside joke” into the traditional workweek. Did you enjoy cupcakes at the corporate event? Create a tradition where cupcakes are offered on Fridays in the office lounge. The sweet treat will remind co-workers of the sweet progress they had made during the last team event. Fist-pump action? Let one loose after each win!

Schedule Office Events

Scheduling office events on a frequent basis will provide employees with ample opportunity to bond with their co-workers. Organize “Taco Tuesdays” at a nearby Mexican restaurant for a fun, tasty take on happy hour. Bringing the team together for ten minutes in the middle of the day to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday can also help foster the relationships that were developed.

Match People Who Worked Well Together

Corporate team building activity | Viper AlleyWhile the point of corporate, team-building events is for everyone to gain the skills required to work efficiently as a team, some employees tend to work better together than others. Ask everyone to think of a few people they had worked particularly well with and to partner up for large, troublesome tasks. Also, adding praise when people work well on projects will boost morale within the company and encourage employees to keep up the good work.

Order Souvenirs

By purchasing a mug or t-shirt following the event, you are able to keep the good sentiments alive. If it’s a shirt, ask everyone to wear it to work on the first of every month as a way to celebrate good efforts and teamwork. If it’s a mug, encourage co-workers to keep the mugs on their desks. Every time they reach for a cup of joe, the happy memories of the team-building event will be on their minds!

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