7 Trends In Team Building Activities To Look Out For Now

Team building events are all the rage: between the opportunities to connect and build deeper relationships with co-workers and to inject a bit of fun and humor into the rather mundane workweek, it’s a great way to spend a day.

Thus, scheduling a team building event can enhance your business and foster intimacy, creativity and productivity within the company, giving employees a chance to think outside the box, let loose and develop morale. Strengthening work bonds and instilling a little competitive, yet, cooperative energy can increase performance, motivation and commitment within a company and it allows co-workers to feel more comfortable around one another in order to collaborate better on projects at hand. Here are 7 trends in team building activities that you should look into now.

  1. Escape Rooms

Scared of zombies, Subways, prisons and robbers? Overcome that fear with the troops. Room escape adventures bring a sense of wit, wildness and whimsy to the average team building game. Co-workers learn how to work together to escape a dooming force, from Houdini traps and zombies to viruses in a lab room and 1950’s bunkers, and they must follow clues, solve puzzles and find a key to break free. Plus, you can partake in mobile room escape adventures, as well, which takes place on a moving vehicle, heading off to who-knows-where

  1. Go Bowling

Bowling Lanes - Viper Alley (1)Ball and beer in hand, bowling is a fun and team-oriented activity that can help inspire people to mix and mingle and strengthen bonds. Pair more professional bowlers with beginners in order to level the playing field and encourage people to learn from one another and feel more confident in their efforts. You can also hand out awards for an extra bit of fun, such as “greatest swing,” or “highest score.”

  1. The Barter Puzzle

Puzzles can spark creativity and an ability to think outside the norm, which can be great for opening new channels in business and coming up with unconventional solutions to challenging tasks. One puzzle in particular is the Barter Puzzle, where each member has one jigsaw piece and the teams must work together to solve the puzzle in a short amount of time. Whichever team finishes first gets a prize!

  1. 3 Truths And A Lie

Team Building Events | Viper AlleyWhile less physically active than most games, this activity is all about developing emotional bonds and allowing co-workers to open up to one another in a safe space where trust and compassion is abound. Plus, the 3 Truths And A Lie Game is still plenty fun! Each member will write down four statements, three truths and a lie, and teammates will need to guess which is the lie. However, be mindful of crude and unrealistic statements, as those are not appropriate for the game.

  1. Scavenger Hunts

Follow the trail of clues to find the target in an exciting team building scavenger hunt to unite co-workers and boost their abilities to problem-solve, collaborate and use time and energy efficiently. These hunts are high-energy and can work up a sweat, key factors that can enhance an endorphin rush to do good work and be mentally and physically sharp. Split into teams and let the games begin!

  1. Trivia

Want to be on a game show? Answer hard pressing trivia questions in the fields of music, food and business? Press those wildly entertaining buzzers once you’ve found the answer? Then trivia is a great team building activity for your next event. One in particular, Foodbank Showdown, tests gamers on their knowledge of grocery store products. Pairing the game with a few snacks is a good idea, as thinking about food can certainly spur hunger!

  1. Cooking Class

The only thing better than playing a trivia game about food is cooking and enjoying a delicious meal with your team, filled with stimulating conversation, cooking tips and delectable aromas. Whether you want to learn how to make homemade pasta or empanadas, play a relay race where teams compete on cooking tasks, or dive into the world of mixology and create custom beverages, then a cooking adventure might be perfect for your next team building event.

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