Here Are the Best Non-profit Fundraising Ideas

Here Are the Best Non-profit Fundraising Ideas | Viper Alley

If you’re looking to plan a non-profit fundraising event, you’ll need to make sure the right vendors are in place to really wow the crowd and maximize awareness of the organization you’re supporting. When trying to raise money for a powerful cause, the event needs to impress.

You’re able to secure a greater profit from attendees when the event is enjoyable and memorable, where people are having a great time, but are also learning about the organization’s message, mission, and goals. Here are the insider tips to keep in mind when planning a fundraising event.

Pick a Fantastic Venue

You’ll need to make sure the venue you choose is appropriate for the cause and demographic you’re targeting regarding attendees and donation requests. No matter how fancy or laid-back the event will be, the venue space should be able to accommodate your theme with the right décor and ambience. What’s more, it’s better to host the event in a certain location, one that’s convenient for the audience you’re seeking.

Serve a Variety of Foods

Don’t let your guests go hungry—people are more likely to feel the urge to give when their bellies are satisfied. Pick a vendor or a venue that offers food and beverage services that meet your attendee’s expectations. If it’s a fancier event, you should probably do a sit-down meal with a few courses, as well as pre-dinner passed h’ors oeuvres. If it’s more causal, passed appetizers or a few buffet stations might be more appropriate. (Here are a few delicious appetizers guests will love.)

Have Some Form of Entertainment

Live band? DJ? Photo booth? These are a few things to consider when trying to raise money at a fundraising event. When there’s live entertainment, ticket prices can be higher, so that already gives your event a boost in securing more money for the organization. (Side note: offer group ticket prices, which can increase attendance overall.) Plus, entertainment will also make the event more fun—so don’t be surprised if this gets guests in a more generous mood.

Follow Up With Attendees

Not only should you supply ways for guests to learn more about the organization and the ways in which to contribute (you should leave marketing materials and other information around for people to read or take home), but you should also follow up with them, either with hand-written notes or through email, to stay on guests’ minds and show your appreciation for their contribution and interest. This means they may return for future events or just donate on their own time down the road.

Have a Raffle and Auction

Generate a greater profit by providing a raffle and auction—guests will have more opportunities to spend beyond the original ticket price at the actual event. For the raffle, make sure there’s some variety and a mixture of items that are simply fun to have and those that relate back to the cause. For the auction, there should also be some variety, to appeal to different types of people at the event, and some more valuable items, which will go for higher.

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