7 Tips For Planning An Awesome Fundraising Event

When creating a checklist for your next fundraising event, it’s important to be organized and clear with your time, direction, and audience. Once you choose you venue, you can focus on planning a great fundraising event that will meet your expectations in both turnout and donations. All successful galas include entertainment, food, and high energy to excite a crowd, while giving back to the community in a meaningful way. Take your average gathering up a notch by making a real difference in an organization and boosting passion for a cause. Here are 7 ways to plan a fundraising event that will be memorable and effective.

Set A Goal

When putting together a team to assist in planning a fundraising event, it’s important to set a clear goal in mind that everyone can agree on. Is the purpose of the event to raise money, or to boost a general awareness? Is it to make more meaningful connections in a networking environment? Let’s say your primary goal is to raise money. How much is ideal? Creating a tangible number will help guide the process.

Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target market prior to planning the event is pivotal in guaranteeing a large audience and ample opportunities to network with the right people, fit for your organization. Depending on your demographic, you can then create a theme, entertainment attraction, invitations, and gifts, accordingly. You should also figure out how to attract your target market in the most efficient way possible.

Provide An Incentive

People like incentives, especially when it involves a fundraising event ticket (which might be pricy depending on the organization and demographic). Offering a discount, gift bag, free raffle ticket entry, or an early-bird special might help generate sales and pave the way for future interest at full price.

Follow Up With Attendees

The work doesn’t stop once the party ends! In order to throw a successful fundraising event, it’s important to get in touch with guests after the event, by way of a thank you note, a follow up email, or a phone call. Not only will this create opportunity to gain more face-time in the future, but it also shows you appreciate their generosity. Be sure to thank all silent auction donations and food sponsors, if you’ve included at in your venue.

Set A Budget

When it comes to hosting a fundraising event, it’s necessary to have a clear budget in mind and to execute caution when you’re on the fence regarding a certain vendor, venue, or entertainment expense. To avoid going over what you can realistically afford, keep tabs on the costs of necessitates and prioritize event features when due. You can still plan a classy, high-quality fundraising event on a more moderate budget.

Have A Great Theme

While you can always go with the theme of your organization for a fundraising event idea, as it’s most logical for the cause and crowd, there are ways to amp up the décor, entertainment, and food, with smaller details in order to provide a memorable and inspiring experience. Having a photo booth, musical entertainment or a guest speaker, a raffle, and delicious appetizers can be useful in making the event a wild success.

Market Your Event In Advance

Using marketing techniques when planning an event can really raise awareness and donations before the main festivity event begins. Plus, it’ll most likely increase ticket sales and interest among people within your demographic. You can use print and digital ads, social media ads and postings, crowdfunding strategies, and leverage off of various ticket sale websites to get the word out.

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