5 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

Now that we’re making our way into 2018, it’s time to say goodbye to outdated themes and embrace new wedding trends. To plan an extraordinary event that’s both modern and memorable, it’s importable to stay up-to-date on what’s popular. Experts in the biz can help brides and grooms focus their direction and lower stress levels, so they must be well informed regarding what’s in and what’s out. Here are 5 wedding trends that are popping up this year.

The “After Party”

Securing a great venue for your wedding reception is really important, as it’s the main location for celebration and memories. However, in 2018 more brides and grooms will want to invest more money and thought into an after-party, where people can celebrate into the later hours.

For planners, they need to consider budget and resources to create an after-hours party that’ll meet expectations and be just as good as the reception itself. Figure out what the families are willing to spend, where they’d like to host the party, what foods or activities they hope to incorporate, and how many hours it’ll last for. 

Bold Colors

Instead of pale and mellow neutrals and pastels, 2018 is all about moody, darker, and more statement-making hues that will add a dramatic flair to a wedding. Think: reds, deep purples, bright yellows, and earthy greens. These colors will appear in flower bouquets and centerpieces, curtains, place settings, and maybe even the bridesmaids’ dresses, too. A planner should pick a few of these colors and create a theme to tie the reception room together.

Creative Place Cards

Out is tired white, crisp paper—people are finding new ways to offer a creative and playful spin on generic place cards. For instance, you can use edible pieces, such as herbs or flowers, or even sweets, such as a cookie with frosted writing. You can also use material that can be a memento for people to take home, something that’s more special than standard paper that gets thrown out. Little details like these make your wedding stand out. Use your imagination!

Passed Cake & Sweets

A traditional wedding cake will always look beautiful and hold sentimental value, but let’s face it—no one eats the cake once it’s cut and served. Everyone’s on the dance floor! The solution? Pass around mini cake bites or small, hand-held slices, where you’re bringing the sweets to guests themselves. This is also easier than setting up a dessert bar or station, as people might be hesitant to wait on lines or leave a song they like to grab a treat. Passed desserts will become more popular into the 2018.


They aren’t just for children’s birthday parties. You can create really beautiful, custom balloons that are works are art for reception décor that’ll wow guests and enhance the mood. They can hang from the ceiling or be used as centerpieces. There’s so much you can do with “adult” balloons in 2018.

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