Your Checklist For Planning A Charity Event

Your Checklist For Planning A Charity Event

When it comes to fundraising, the best way to build awareness and give back is through organizing an event where people can come together to learn more about the charity and offer support. However, planning an event for a charity takes a lot of work, and you’ll want to make sure you’re making the most of those precious minutes. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a charity event.

Marketing Strategy

If you’re putting together an event to support a cause, you’ll want as many bodies there as possible. However, unless you have a marketing strategy in place, you might not build enough awareness or get the word out. Staying active on social media to boost your event’s attendance and connecting with specific demographics that you’re interested in can help you secure more spots at the event.

A Raffle/Auction

Make sure to include a table with some eye catching gift baskets, getaway packages or memorabilia for purchase, where guests can buy raffle tickets for or bid on certain items that are offered during the night. All proceeds will go towards the charity, so it’s a way to bring in a greater profit, simply by appealing to people’s desires. Plus, it’s another activity for guests to do at the event, which makes the occasion more fun and memorable.

What’s more, have a goal in mind—perhaps it’s a certain amount of money you want to rack up in ticket sales and items. This can help you figure out how many items to include and how to shape your perceived pricing structure or product worth.


It’s a good idea to have some form of entertainment—especially if you’re planning an event that has a ticketed price, including open bar, DJ or live music, and food. If guests are shelling out some cash to attend, they’ll want to have a lively night that makes the ticketed price worth it. And, if they’re enjoying themselves, they’ll be more likely to contribute further to the charity, whether through a raffle, silent auction, or subsequent donations on their own.

Follow Up

Don’t let guests leave without fully understanding the charity’s mission, goals, and message or receiving a follow up to stay committed to the organization, long-term. Many people who attend might have just heard of the charity, so providing adequate information about its purpose is critical for maintaining interest.

Plus, when those people leave, you’ll want to hook them into newsletters and other opportunities through email and send thank you notes, to show them how important their presence was and how they can further make a difference.

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