5 Tips To Plan Your Wedding

5 Tips To Plan Your Wedding | Viper Alley

Planning a wedding and not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips to get the process started and to stay organized. Your wedding day is likely one of the biggest moments of your life, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to make it absolutely perfect. And, while things can become stressful at times, there are a few hacks to make the process easier and enjoyable.

Here are 5 tips to follow when planning your wedding, so you can relax and have fun gearing up for your special day.

Start Planning Early

It’s a good idea to get started, early on, to avoid the stress of last-minute details. (However, if you are short on time, here are a few tips for planning a last-minute wedding.) So, once you’ve booked your venue, don’t wait to figure out all the other features you’ll want to include at your wedding. Plus, when getting a head start, you’re more likely to secure your preferred options, so you’ll be able to avoid the competition for select dates, venues, and local businesses.

Consider “Black Out Dates”

If you’re looking for all of your loved ones to be there in attendance, you’ll want to avoid certain wedding dates. First off, picking a holiday weekend, one that carries over onto a Monday, such as Memorial Day or Labor Day, can cut your guest list short, as people plan trips during those weekends in advance or simply just want that special Monday off from work to recharge.

So, if you’re okay with some of your best friends not attending and have a B list, that’s fine, but if you’ll be bummed, you’ll want to pick a non-special weekend to boost your attendance rate. (And, send save the dates out early, too!)

You’ll also want to avoid big family holiday weekends or the holiday season, as people are away with family or on vacations that may have been booked a year or so out. For instance, people often travel over Christmas and New Year’s, and people want to be with their family over Thanksgiving weekend.

You’ll also want to look at what’s going on locally, too. If there’s a big charity event or a conference going on at the hotel of your choosing that weekend, you’ll want to choose an easier date to book.

Have Various Food Options

When creating your menu, be sure to include vegetarian options for those who can’t eat meat. A good rule? Have a meat and/or fish, such as chicken, steak, or salmon, and a vegetarian option, such as a pasta or risotto dish. And, be sure to allow guests to list dietary restrictions or allergies ahead of time when RSVPing. This will allow you and the kitchen to be prepared and avoid any wedding-day stress.

And, you should also have a few appetizers and desserts that can satisfy all different taste buds. So, while you might still have a traditional wedding cake for dessert, for example, a few other dessert treats would be a great inclusion, as well. (Here are a few dessert options for a wedding that’ll impress your guests.)

Send Out Thank You Notes Early

If you set up a registry and notice gifts arriving prior to your wedding, be sure to follow proper wedding etiquette and send those thank you notes out as soon as possible. Not only will guests feel appreciated and acknowledged for their generosity, but it’ll also save you and your spouse time, where you can go on your honeymoon and come back to reality without all the stress of sending out hundreds of thank you notes.

Create Photo Opportunities

Sure, you’ll want to hire a photographer in advance—they do book up fast, so act quickly—so that you can have a beautiful photo album to remember your special day. But, you’ll also want to give guests opportunities to take their own photos and have a few memories of their own.

While they might be captured in your professional photos, you can also set up a photo booth with some fun and silly props or toss a few cameras on the tables for guests to snap away with ease. Then, upload these on Facebook to share with your guests. This way, everyone can have unique, personal memories of your wedding day!

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