5 Tips For Boosting Attendance At Your Next Event

So, you’ve put together a delicious round of appetizers, an inspiring guest performance, a silent auction, and a list of giveaways and raffle prizes. Now you just need the people! When planning a party, it’s important to find ways to boost attendance at an event, as securing enough ticket sales will both help pay for the event itself and increase awareness for future endeavors. Plus, it’s more fun! Here are 5 ways to create a packed house.

Use Social Media

To really elevate the energy in the room, it’s best to create intrigue and excitement early on. Not only will this drive ticket sales ahead of time, but it’ll also make the event seem more enjoyable and memorable. Send out invitations early—people book up—and don’t underestimate the power of a personalized note. It’s also a great idea to include follow-up emails to act as reminders for the upcoming occasion. Create a hashtag on Instagram or share a promo video from a previous event relative to your organization. Having a social media strategy in place will boost event awareness and guest attendance.

Define Your Target Market

Figure out the demographic that your event speaks to, and try and get their attention through marketing strategies geared towards their needs and goals. By defining your target market for event attendees, you’ll improve communication and be better able to urge them to buy tickets. Likewise, if you’re hosting an event for multiple demographics, you’ll need to learn how to target each one individually, as their minds think differently. You can also choose to use ads or other marketing strategies to promote your event, once your priorities are in place.

Offer Group Ticket Rates

It’s common to be more inclined to attend an event when you know other people going. By targeting groups of people, you’re more likely to increase total sales and attendance. Offering early bird incentives is one option, as it’ll compel people to secure tickets ahead of time before prices rise. You can also offer group ticket rates, for instance where there’s a “buy one, get the other half off,” or a ticket sale discount for parties of 5 or more, to urge guests to bring friends and increase the overall ticket sale revenue and attendance.

Hold A Contest Prior To The Event

In order to spark intrigue early on, you can create a special contest for those who purchase tickets prior to the event. For instance, you can offer a prize, a special VIP experience pass, or an extra free ticket, to persuade people to play along for the win. By throwing a contest for an event, you also increase brand awareness for whatever organization you are promoting. You can create a Facebook content to draw in likes, followers, and engagement for future events.

Increase Demand

What’s an event that people want to go to? One that seems exclusive and in demand. By sharing a reputable testimonial, clips of previous events (where attendees were thoroughly enjoying themselves), and emails dictating urgency, you’ll be able to increase event attendance, easily. A reputation for an organization goes a long way, so gather a few nice sentiments from previous event attendees or clients to share online. By creating demand for an event, you’ll see your ticket sales skyrocket.

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