5 Awesome Things To Do For Entertainment At Your Next Event

While establishing the logistics should be a top priority upon planning your event, such as date, venue and guest list, it’s also important to devote time to focus on the little things that can make your event even more special and memorable. By choosing the right entertainment, décor, and other accouterments that can showcase your personality and wow your guests, you’ll be able to put together a fun and exciting gathering that can be cherished forever.

Whether your affair is for a wedding, birthday, graduation, non-for-profit event, or a corporate event, including the appropriate attributes tailored to the audience’s needs will allow the event to be both successful and inspiring.

There are so many incredible options to take your event to the next level relative to entertainment, so consider how entertainment can complement your venue, theme and guest list and start researching which activities work best. Here are five ways to make your event more lively and active.

  1. Offer Swag As Giveaways To End The Night

People love swag, or party favors, so create a few fun mementoes that people can take home and use as a reminder of what a terrific time they had at your event. These items can be take-homes, such as, t-shirts representing the event, journals, pens and stationary (great for corporate events!), and re-usable water bottles. You can also play games and give out some signature swag as a prize!

  1. Hire A Comedian

Laughter can always keep a crowd engaged at an event, and there’s no better way to enjoy a few giggles than with a live comedian, and perhaps even audience involvement. By hiring a comedy group or stand-up comedian to share a few jokes, it can loosen a crowd and liven up the vibe of an event. Plus, if it’s a networking or corporate event, the laughter can increase relationship development and supply witty banter that can then carry over into the office environment.

  1. Dance Away To Music

concert-1209323_1280Whether you opt for a DJ or live band, musical entertainment can get the party going and keep people’s spirits lifted. Consider your audience before booking. If you are hosting a non-for-profit event, for instance, and the crowd will be on the older side, it might be wise to choose a jazz, blues or rock performance, rather than a DJ. However, if you are entertaining a younger audience, a pumping DJ and dance floor might be more suitable.

  1. Get Creative With Food

Instead of the standard plated meal or buffet option, include a few creative food choices, such as a dessert bar to end the night or a do-it-yourself taco bar (with all the fixings, of course!). Think outside the box and make room for aesthetic display and inventive ingredients, as this can be a form of entertainment for guests. Guests usually love the option to make their own meals, so setting up a buffet that is outside the norm, such as a baked potato bar or a skewer station, can be both exciting and unique.

  1. Set Up An Event Hashtag

Let’s be honest: twitter has taken over the social media sphere and has inserted itself into many events, from weddings and mitzvahs to corporate and non-for-profit affairs. Thus, creating an event hashtag ahead of time (perhaps include on the invites!) and tweeting about it as the event approaches can build anticipation. Plus, guests can then capture moments throughout the event and tweet and Instagram them instantaneously to share with others. The use of an exciting hashtag will increase the entertainment factor of the event, help spread the word about your organization or cause and create an even better outcome of attendees for future gatherings.

No matter the cause and audience of your event, there’s always room to add a bit of playfulness and excitement to the theme. Use whatever silly and entertaining additions you have access to in order to enhance the responsiveness and satisfaction of guests following the affair and increase your turnout for future celebrations.

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