4 Reasons To Start Planning & Book Your Holiday Party Early

4 Reasons To Start Planning & Book Your Holiday Party Early

It’s almost September—that means, before you know it, holidays will be upon us. As the holidays call for warm gatherings, comforting meals, and lots of entertaining, it’s a good idea to get a head start and plan your party early in order to limit stress.

And, as everyone has the same game plan in mind, there’s bound to be some competition in securing your venue, catering, and even guest list, of choice. Here are 5 reasons to start planning for the holiday season now, so you’re not struggling, last minute. (Though if you are, here are some tips for planning a last minute event.)

You Can Get What You Want

Have a set venue in mind? A specific band or DJ for entertainment? By booking early, you have a greater likelihood of snagging your preferences, despite the competition. What’s more, you can discuss customizations or special requests, too, and they’ll be better able to accommodate you if the details are finalized earlier on. Narrow down what you want and start contacting vendors as soon as possible.

You Might Score A Discount

Sure enough, if you start booking plans for a winter festivity in fall, you just might find a few discounted packages or holiday promotions. As it gets closer to the date, vendors are in higher demand, so it’s less likely to find better deals. However, be prepared—there might be a non-refundable discount requirement. As it’s so far in advance, your vendors will need a little reassurance that you’ll follow through.

You Can Really Put Some Thought Into It

There’s no denying it—last minute event planning can be stressful, so much so that you might make some hasty, basic decisions just to get the details finalized. This doesn’t leave much room for creative thinking, where you can think about artistic plating, themes, fancy centerpieces, and other little accouterments that can really elevate the atmosphere and mood.

You’re Likely To Have A Full Guest List

During the holidays, people are busy. Whether there’s travel involved, a medley of different parties, from work to social, or just catch-up dinners with friends, it’s tough to hold people to a specific date without a timely, formal invite. By securing your date and booking your venue early on, you can get those invites or save the dates out immediately, locking your preferred company in, before other activities pop up.

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