What To Do If Your Destination Wedding Is Canceled Due To A Hurricane

What To Do If Your Destination Wedding Is Canceled Due To A Hurricane

In light of what’s been going on in the world regarding natural disasters and hurricanes, it’s timelier than ever to consider a back up plan if you’re set to tie the knot as a destination wedding in a place affected by the weather’s woes.

For instance, many popular wedding venues are throughout the Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Florida, and Puerto Rico, as well as other beautiful areas, and sadly these spots are prime targets for nature’s wrath. So, whether a hurricane is passing through or the destination is on high watch, it can make travel plans tricky (and perhaps impossible).

If you find yourself in a bind, here are a few steps to take in planning a last minute wedding. There’s no need to put your celebration and union on halt based on weather if you can solidify another plan in a matter of days or weeks.

Alert Your Guests

If you know your wedding location is a no-go, take action early. Contact all guests (via email is fine, as it’s speedy and efficient), and explain that the location will be moved to an area that’s more convenient and safe for travel. Be mindful that guests might not be able to attend if you choose to move the date. There’s no need to send out a new batch of invites—they got the memo. Just spread the word, ASAP. 

Find A Venue

Choosing a venue is key, as many popular venues are going to be booked up for any given weekend. Here, if you’re willing to potentially say goodbye to a few guests, you might need to swap a Saturday night for a Sunday, for example, as there might be better options and prices available on the “off” night. Once that’s set, coordinate with staff there immediately to finalize other details.

Get The Food Set

You were likely to have been set with food catering within a resort or destination venue, so now you’re at a loss. First step: Ask your venue for recommendations for nearby food vendors if they do not cater themselves. They can help you secure one, fast. Or, if you’ve only got a few days to spare, a tight budget from travel plan mishaps, and a loving network of family and friends, see if they would be willing to all cook up something to take to your venue, day of.

Get A Photographer

No matter the stress or rush, the day will be beautiful and special, so you’ll want to document it. Ask the venue for photographer recommendations, or even reach out to friends and family and see if you can find a local photographer who can be there for your day. While professional photographers can range in expertise, even a novice photographer here will take stunning photos that can add brightness to your photo album. 

Get Your Grooming Done In One

Need a hairstylist, makeup artist, and manicure, but aren’t sure where to look or how to lock down each profession in time for your last minute wedding? Head to a local salon, where there are experts in all of these categories. Or, if you know of an excellent hairstylist, she or he is sure to know others in the stylist industry who might be able to assist. Scheduling them all to arrive together for the day is easier when they are already connected and have worked together in the past.

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