Why Weekday Events Have a Big Advantage

Why Weekday Events Have a Big Advantage | Viper Alley

Sure everyone likes to party on a Friday and Saturday night—but that’s the problem with always planning an event on a weekend. If you’re looking to save bucks, boost your attendance, and maybe just have some good ol’ weekday fun to break up the work week, it’s smart to go with a weekday when hosting an event. You’d be surprised by all the perks. Not convinced? Check out these four.

More People Can Attend

Since weekends are in such high demand, unless you send out your invites ridiculously early (and even then it might still be too late!), you aren’t guaranteed a high percentage of attendance.

Yet if you choose to go with a Tuesday, Wednesday, or even a Thursday (which is approaching the weekend anyway, right?), it’ll be much easier to secure RSVPs from the people you would really like to be there.

People Have More Access to Babysitters

It’s not just guests who make plans on the weekends, but also babysitters book up their Friday and Saturday nights too. If you choose a weekday for an event, guests are way more likely to find a babysitter or a daycare option to sit in. Even if there’s a last minute cancellation, they’re sure to find another!

This is super important for work events, weddings, non-profit events, and more—all of which generally draw an older crowd.

You Have More Options for Vendors and Venues

You might have a certain event space in mind or catering option, but chances are, it’s a pretty good one. And that means it’s “good” in others’ eyes, too! To avoid the competition, as well as up-charges, as venues and vendors know they can get away with the increase in price based on the demand, you’ll have way more options to lock down your favorite picks. (Try these awesome activities for a weekday event.)

You Might Score a Deal

Here’s the best part. You can probably save some serious cash. If you book on a weekday, you might be able to get a discount on entertainment and food and drink packages, as it’s a less popular day for an event, and they’ll likely want the added business.

This leaves a lot of room for negotiating, and you’ll be able to thoughtfully plan out all the details in a calm and collected manner.

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