Wedding Planner Checklist

Wedding Planner Checklist | Viper Alley

You just got engaged and you simply can’t wait to get started. Yet, where do you begin? It’s a good idea to make a wedding planner checklist to stay organized and keep progress on track, and you should also work with the staff at your venue of choice for recommendations on vendors and nailing down the logistics.

When it comes to wedding planning, you want to keep the mood and energy high—where you can feel excitement with your partner, family, and friends, rather than feel stress and uncertainty. Make sure to secure these items ahead of time, without waiting until last minute.

Find Your Venue

Step one—pick out your date and location, one that fits well with your wedding theme and party size. From there, you’ll be able to send out save-the-dates and lock in RSVPs, as people will receive reminders of your wedding first and mark it down on their calendars.

This is especially important if you are planning a wedding during a busy season or weekend, such as during the holidays or summertime. From there, you can start to personalize the venue, adding in small details that’ll make your wedding really pop.

Book Your Entertainment

Wedding Planner Checklist | Viper Alley

Are you having a band or a DJ? A photobooth or a walk-around photographer to snap photos of the crowd? A comedian or dance show? If you are looking to add an unconventional, artistic form of entertainment or book an in-demand band or DJ, you’ll really need to reach out in the beginning stages of wedding planning to see if they can accommodate you.

Doing this part early also lets you use your imagination—taking time to consider different types of entertainment that could be unique and lively.

Don’t Leave Clothing to the Last Minute

Make sure to go shopping for your wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses within the first few months of planning, as it can surely be a process. You’ll want to make sure customizations and fittings are done without stress or urgency, and you never know how many tries you might need to get everyone on the same page. The same goes for men—make sure the groomsmen know all the details, too.

Create a Delicious Menu

Food is always important—especially at a wedding! You want to design a menu that has tasty appetizer and main course dishes that can appeal to all dietary restrictions.

It’s smart to include a gluten-free and vegetarian option for people, and be sure to allow those to select specialty orders on their RSVP card when choosing their dinner option. Variety is best to ensure that everyone can find something to eat, and it’ll help you avoid any food-related stress at the big event.

And don’t forget about dessert. Figure out if you want a traditional wedding cake or passed desserts or stations. For instance, you can try a donut wall, a candy bar, or a s’mores bar. The possibilities are endless!

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