Trending Spring Wedding Themes for 2020

Trending Spring Wedding Themes for 2020

It’s almost wedding season, which means engaged couples are busy preparing for their big day. If you’re currently engaged, with an upcoming spring wedding, then you’ve probably been booking your venue, appointing a caterer, choosing a photographer, buying your dress or tux, and selecting a wedding theme. Deciding on an appropriate theme is an extremely important decision, especially because it sets the mood for the occasion. It’s vital to make a positive impression by selecting the right spring wedding theme. Use this list of trending wedding themes as a guide to plan your big day. 

Tropical wedding

Imagine stepping into a tropical paradise with bright splashes of colors and palm fronds. This wedding theme makes a bold statement, with colors like fern green, salmon pink, honey-yellow, and neon orange. These colorful palettes and rich tones will help your wedding feel bright and the opposite of traditional. It’s a move from past trends of weddings with no color to pops of bright color and neon florals. Try incorporating decorations like customized neon signs, pop art, yarn tassels, and maybe even a pineapple or two as a centerpiece. A tropical theme will give your wedding a lush and inviting atmosphere.

Natural wedding 

Metal straws, recycled paper invitations, and biodegradable decorations make a forward statement at a nature-inspired wedding. People are becoming more concerned about the environment, and as a result, they want weddings that are eco-friendly. Ideas for this type of wedding theme range from decorating with reusable items to composting leftover food. Some people might also consider a venue that can provide both in-house entertainment and catering to help reduce carbon emissions. Basically, this wedding theme is all about leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Popular colors for a natural wedding theme include soft green, ocean blue, sawdust tan, and mahogany brown. For centerpieces, you can use succulents in pots on tables instead of flowers. So, if you’re feeling like your wedding should go green, then you’ll want to incorporate this trend. 

Urban wedding

Urban weddings convey the edgy and industrial aspects of cityscapes. This theme is perfect for someone who wants to inject a metropolitan vibe into their wedding, even if their venue is far from a major city. If you choose this theme for your wedding, you’ll want to pick a venue that is hip and stylish, with features like brick walls, wood floors, and customizable lighting. You might want to consider venues with unique architectural characteristics, like murals on walls. Potential colors for an urban-inspired wedding include black, copper, white, silver, burgundy, or ivy green. To further promote an urban theme, use modern invitations, industrial light bulbs, and geometrically shaped table centerpieces. Talk to your wedding planner about having a display of abstract art for additional adornment. Guests will love a whiskey bar, where they can drink a custom-made bourbon cocktail. Your urban styled wedding theme will create a sleek and unparalleled experience for your guests. 

Romantic wedding

Channeling pastel pigments, subtle lighting, and dainty lace doilies, romantic weddings are more traditional, graceful, and elegant. Soft hues like rose pink, dusty blue, blush, sage, peach, and lavender are all popular colors this year for romantic themed weddings. Be sure to include some of these colors in the bridal bouquet and other flower arrangements to create an understated, yet beautiful appearance. Light the room with candles or lanterns, so that the room appears dimly lit. Romantic wedding themes usually include a formal black-tie dress code, sit-down dinner, and fine wine selections. This theme has both ornate details and subdued features, creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic wedding. 

Vintage wedding

Vintage weddings are all the rage in 2020. Rough-hewn wood, antique shop accessories, and velvet furniture pieces are all features included in a vintage wedding theme. If you’re an old soul who loves thrift shops and listening to music on records, then this is the ideal theme for you. Muted colors like off-white or ivory paired with gold, silver, or blush are ideal for a vintage themed wedding. Next up are the decorations, which can consist of strings of pearls, dangling chandeliers, old books, gold frames, and even teacups. You can also use non-traditional flowers for your vintage themed wedding, such as dried flowers. Dried flowers will complete the look for your relic filled wedding. You can’t go wrong when you choose a vintage themed wedding.

Planning your dream wedding

While these wedding themes are popular trends for this upcoming spring season, there are other crazes you might want to explore. After you’ve decided which trending theme and other particulars you want to include at your wedding, the next step to planning your dream wedding is to confirm all of the last-minute details with your wedding planner, photographer, caterer, venue, and wedding party. Once you’ve confirmed all technicalities, you’re ready for a stress-free wedding day. This list of wedding themes will help your wedding day be eye-catching, unique, and a day to remember forever. 

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