In Memoriam

By: J.T. Bohland

Bands, concerts, head-banging, mosh pits, cold beer on a Friday night…this is rock- and-roll…this was Viper Alley. A venue made famous for throwing the biggest parties in town, while attracting both up-and-coming and famous artists alike, Viper Alley was no stranger to the rock-and-roll lifestyle.

In the quiet suburban town of Lincolnshire, there stands a building where the nostalgia from the days of rock lingers and to some the deafening sounds from music within can still be heard. Now, the building is no stranger to emitting the sounds of various celebratory occasions. Weddings, mitzvahs, corporate training, fundraisers…these are private events…this is Viper Alley.

Between the years of 2011 and 2013, Viper Alley was the hub for concerts and shows. It’s energy, it’s thrill, it’s draw to a good time was unmatched and people in the community and out were often filled with the anticipation of Viper’s latest booked gig for the weekend. The babysitters were hired, the formal work attire lay dormant on the closet floor and the 16-year old party animal from within became uncaged and free. For most, this was parents night out, date night, a chance to sing and dance their hearts out…this was freedom…this was Viper Alley.

Uproar. That’s what 2013 brought. The roars of the crowd mimicked that of a band who refused to perform an encore…boos and more boos. Criticism quickly spread throughout social media as fans of the venue expressed their extreme discontent with Viper Alley’s switch from part-time concert venue, to a full-time private events center. Viper Alley took the form of the monster of Frankenstein being chased by a riot of pitchforks and torches…the ironic thing is that this beast was doing just as the old monster tale describes…it was being charged with new life, finding a new way to live.

IT’S ALIVE! That’s what 2013 brought. Once the dust cleared and the flames were doused, the villagers of Lincolnshire and beyond saw Viper Alley for what it really was…a place for family and friends to gather and celebrate, to live and be free, to enjoy milestones in their lives. Viper Alley never really changed, that’s what we’ve always been about. We just found a new way to rock-and-roll.

People, memories, good times, laughs, fun…this isn’t nostalgia…this is Viper Alley, as it has always been.

Legendary Musicians – Bret Michaels