Things to Look for in a Venue for Your Next Work Party

Things to Look for in a Venue for Your Next Work Party

If you’re on the planning committee or responsible for a corporate event, it’s important to find a venue that has a nice balance of work and play and can facilitate team bonding.

You can host a team building event, where employees will learn how to better collaborate and harness problem-solving skills, which can be applied towards improving performance in the office moving forward.

Yet you can also just create a fun party where people can focus more so on pleasure and really get to know one another better on a more personal level. And when you feel more connected to those you work with, work satisfaction increases overall, too.

If you’re planning your next work event, here’s what to discuss with potential venues in order to find the right fit.

Proximity to the Office

You don’t want to have the party in your office (it’s nice to change it up and take in a new scenery), but you also don’t want to pick a location that’s a hike away, as it’ll be inconvenient to employees and will likely lower the number in attendance. Instead, pick something that is in the area or nearby—perhaps a place where people have been looking to venture to.

Entertainment Opportunities

Shake things up and build those positive vibes with some great entertainment! Whether it’s a DJ or band, bowling or karaoke, or a hands-on experience, like a cooking or cocktail making class, engaging in some sort of enjoyable activity as a team will help foster those bonds and make the party more memorable. Inquire with your venues for entertainment opportunities based on the space, layout, budget, and guest count.

Delicious Food and Drink Options

After working hours and hours at the office, everyone will want to head on out and grab some tasty apps and cocktails! You’ll want to make sure your venue has a good catering option or in-house menu where they can supply a nice variety of boozy beverages and passed around bites and snacks. Check out any menus online or see if they have a means of developing a specific party menu that is tailored to your preferences and party count.

Abilities to Make Memories

Ask your venue if you can bring in a photographer or photo booth (perhaps they have their own preferred vendors who are reliable!) or if there’s a way you can include a slideshow presentation highlighting some major office moments or employees. Take advantage of your space and find ways to give back to employees by showcasing their efforts and accomplishments, while also creating new memories in the process.

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