The Most Important Wedding Details For A Last Minute Wedding

The Most Important Wedding Details For A Last Minute WeddingWhile it’s great to have ample time to plan a wedding, it’s not always the case. Whether a plan to elope fell through the cracks, you’re up for a spontaneous adventure, or you have a short deadline to meet, you might feel the pressure to prepare last minute details for a wedding (which is totally understandable). Don’t let the stress get to you—instead, figure out ways to make the occasion work that’s within your budget and time frame. Here are a few important wedding details that you should take into account if you’re having a last minute wedding day.


If you don’t have enough time to find a photographer for your last minute wedding, you can always set up a photo booth to capture fun moments—with silly props, of course—or distribute cameras, such as Fujifilm Instax cameras and film on the tables. That way, guests can snap their own photos, and you’ll be able to add them to an album for sentimental sake.

Find A Venue With An Available Date

Think outside the box—traditional venues and date options might already be taken. Instead, find a last minute wedding venue that will have an opening. Such options include restaurants, event spaces, and spacious, private rooms that can be booked for parties. Plus, you might want to inquire about a Friday or Sunday night, rather than a Saturday. Even better—consider booking a daytime wedding.

Let Your Guests Know ASAP

If you’re planning a last minute wedding, you probably missed the window for save the dates. Instead of finding a custom card (which you won’t have time for, anyway), send out a personalized email invite to guests. As for the invitations, you can head to your local stationary store and pick out a ready pattern that you like, and then pop those in the mail.

Head To Department Stores For Dresses

While men have it easier—you can order suits for following day delivery now—women still want to look beautiful in wedding gown tailored to their style. Of course, when you’re having a last minute wedding, your selection is limited. Instead of booking an appointment for a custom gown, head to a department or bridal store and inquire about the on-the-rack selection, as well as any sales for take-home purchases. If you have some wiggle room, see how long it would take for a custom gown to arrive, as some designers are flexible. As for bridesmaids gowns, have each lady pick a dress on her own, as long as it fits into the appropriate color scheme.

Hire A Planner

Who better to help you alleviate stress than an experienced, wedding planner? By hiring a planner for a last minute wedding, you’ll have instant connections to local venues, vendors, and resources that can make the little details seem way less daunting. Give your planner your proposed budget and needs, and let him or her help make your day magical.

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