The Best Team-Building Activities that are Actually Fun

The Best Team-Building Activities that are Actually Fun | Viper Alley

Team building is a great opportunity at any time of year as it is always fun to shake things up and find ways to bond as a team outside of work. And, when you can work on your productivity levels and skillset at the same time, it’s a win-win.

Not only are these team-building activities really enjoyable, but also they are effective in tightening relationships and boosting collaborative and problem-solving skills, which will come in handy in the future. Here are a few of the best activities to try with your co-workers for a pleasurable and educational experience—it certainly won’t feel like work!

Drumming Classes

The Best Team-Building Activities that are Actually Fun | Viper Alley

Bang it out on a set of drums with your co-workers for a creative, thrilling experience where you’re all learning a new skill and collaborating on rhythm and harmony together. Find a venue that offers good acoustics and sound in the space so you can really jam it out and see your progress. Drumming classes as a team building event are best done in a vast, flexible space that works for various activities.

Cocktail Class

The Best Team-Building Activities that are Actually Fun | Viper Alley

Ever wonder what goes into making that perfect Moscow mule or Manhattan? Well, taking a craft cocktail class with your co-workers will get your buzz going while also doing an interactive activity together that’s creative and fun. Studies show that creativity can lead to more productivity in the workplace, so it’s a great way to boost efficiency following the event. Find a venue with a bar for greater authenticity and flexibility within the space.


Who doesn’t love to bowl? That little friendly competition will fuel you to work harder and motivate you to win, while you’re still cooperating with your teammates to do a great job and rack up those points together.

For an added challenge, add some creativity and problem-solving obstacles to really work those brain cells and make the game more entertaining. Prepare a list of tasks to check off. For instance, a team has to hit only two, five, or eight pins, or a team has to hit only the foremost pin. A few more? A team has to clear a split or knock over only an odd or even number of pins. And to top it all, a team must have at least one gutter.

Lip Sync Battle

Take karaoke up a notch by doing a lip sync battle instead. You can pick out your favorite celebrity artists and mimic their performances in a quest to come out victorious with your teammates. The best part? Props and costumes are highly encouraged. Just imagine you’re battling Channing Tatum and former wife Jenna Dewan in a lip sync battle on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Dance or Fitness

Learn a new form of dance with your co-workers—that rhythm will lead you to smoother moves on the office floor, too. Try salsa, tap, ballet, jazz, or modern to really dive into theatrical and artistic expression for a more inspired approach to learning and progress.

In your space, set the lighting to an appropriate ambience to make it feel more professional, and integrate the stage and sound system to utilize the space and music efficiently. It’ll feel like you’re a bunch of superstars on that stage working those dance moves!

You can also do a workout class to boost endorphins and get everyone sweating together. Try a Zumba style class—one that uses the energetic aspect of upbeat music and light aerobics to get a little sweat on and have some fun.

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