Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue for Brides, Grooms and Families

Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue for Brides, Grooms and Families | Viper Alley

If you’re about to start planning a wedding, you probably know how time-consuming and challenging it can be to secure the fine details and bring it all together. And who needs that stress when you’re trying to relish in the happiness of the occasion?

That’s why having a list of questions and concerns for which a potential venue can assist is such a great idea. It’ll help you navigate the process smoother to see if this venue is the right fit, and it’ll make sure that everyone is on the same page in planning a wedding to remember.

If you need some inspiration—don’t worry, as we have you covered. Consider these important questions ahead of time to make sure you’re planning right on schedule. If it’s a match, you have yourself a venue and can take a deep sigh of relief.

What is your pricing and availability?

First off, you want to ask the venue about pricing and availability options. Is there an added fee for extra hours? Is there a discount for Sunday evenings or for an afternoon wedding, such as a brunch? Is there an initial deposit to book? What is included in cost—cleaning and gratuity? And how are things looking for holiday weekends?

Once you’ve tackled the logistics of budget and preferred date and time, you’ll be able to move on to the next step of planning with a set venue in mind. However, if the venue can’t meet your preferences, you’ll know it’s time to look elsewhere and you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want.

Do you have a list of approved vendors?

This question is super important because you likely don’t know which services around the area are of high quality and reliability. It’s up to your venue to know which businesses to collaborate with in order to guarantee a smooth, orderly, and enjoyable wedding experience. If they do not have steady connections for floral arrangements, food, entertainment, decorations, and more, consider a different venue.

Are there any rules and restrictions?

Ask the venue if there are noise restrictions, as well as handicapped access. For instance, you’ll want to make sure there’s no cut off time for how late you can play music and that there are enough bathrooms and parking spots for guests attending. Plus, see if there is a parking fee, as you should be able to tell guests if they’ll be charged or not. And if there’s no parking on site, consider a different venue or have a back-up plan for a location where guests can park or take a shuttle from the hotel.

Is there an in-house caterer?

Food and drink is incredibly important, and you’ll want to make sure you are creating a menu of selected apps, main courses, and desserts, as well as cocktails, wine, and beer selections, which meet your expectations. See if there is a food and beverage minimum to book or any packages to choose from. Determine if these packages are based on time and what the cost would be to add another hour.

And if there is no in-house caterer, ask for advice on options in the area. Use the venue as a resource to answer all your pressing questions before taking the leap and securing your wedding location.

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