Indoor Summer Corporate Event Ideas

Indoor Summer Corporate Event Ideas

We can all agree—summer is the season where you likely want to be outdoors as much as possible! With bike rides, the beach, swimming, and more, there are so many fun ways to enjoy the warmth and sun. However, a time when you might want to book it inside and crank the AC? When you’re at a summer corporate event with your co-workers and want to make sure the event runs smoothly. That means no sweaty pit stains or bees around your food!

And since weather in Chicago can be unpredictable, you also eliminate the risk of ruining your outdoor party plans if it happens to be a cloudy, rainy day. Thunderstorms are never welcomed!

If you’re not sure what types of event ideas to choose when planning a summer corporate event that’s indoors at a venue, here are some options for inspiration.


A little friendly competition among the team is healthy and it gets everyone working hard towards achieving a common goal—a win! This is especially great for a teambuilding activity, as it helps employees work on skills for collaboration and that competitive edge, both of which are needed for a productive office environment. Plus, bowling is super fun, so include some beers and cocktails, as well as game food, and you’ll all have a fantastic day together.


Round up the work crew and put those pipes to work! Karaoke is a perfect way to facilitate bonding and it’s an opportunity to express yourself through song. Sometimes in the workplace personality is hidden, as you’re more inclined on presenting a professional character and are too focused on work at hand. However, by singing your favorite tunes you’re able to give everyone a look into who you are on a deeper level.

Wine Tasting

Who wants to have a wine tasting where the wine is getting warm in the heat? Instead head indoors for a wine tasting as a fun corporate event idea that’ll give a slight buzz and provide some education, too. Set up a mix of different varietals and have a sommelier attend to provide expert tasting notes and to keep the event organized. You can include a few sommeliers or beverage directors if you would like to set up different stations of wines from around the world.

TV Game Night

Do you love watching your favorite game show hosts and contestants from your couch? Well get up on your feet and play the game live yourself! Hire a professional “host” and choose from some amazing games, like “Name that Tune” and “Family Feud,” where for the latter you can split different office departments into “families” to compete. The list of popular shows continues. Create your own “Amazing Race,” or play “Hollywood Game Night,” “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” or a round of “Jeopardy” with co-workers in order to test everyone’s knowledge, learn more fun and interesting facts, and bring those favorite TV game shows to life. Working those brain cells in new ways and making you think on your feet is super important for career success. Feel free to bring out snacks you’d normally eat when watching these shows on the big screen, which your venue can help assemble for you!

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