Ideas to Start Planning Your Corporate Holiday Party

In light of “Christmas in July,” what better time is it than now to start thinking of your real holiday parties coming up later this year? Once October hits, holiday season begins crazy as that sounds, and many businesses will plan festivities for various holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

And, no matter how many holiday parties your company wants (hey, some workplaces like excuses to party, right?), a December holiday party is most often guaranteed.

Plus, since there’s tons of competition during holiday time, it’s best to pick a venue now, set a date, and start brainstorming on how to take the party to the next level. Here are a few ideas for your next corporate holiday party that will make sure everyone will have a blast! 

Have a Photo Booth

Let co-workers share in the fun holiday times together by taking photos, which they can take home and post on their cubicle walls or fridges. This will build camaraderie within the workplace and strengthen individual relationships, both of which improve productivity and collaboration skills. Include fun props—then the photos can be silly, too!

Have a “Santa” on Board

Designate one employee—perhaps the boss—to be a “Santa,” and if no one wants to, then hire a Santa to come in for the party to keep everyone’s spirits high and to fit the overall holiday theme. If it is someone within the company, it’s even better—you can have Santa grant fake, hilarious wishes and keep the party lightheaded and fun.

Create a Holiday Menu

Make sure the drinks and appetizers are holiday-themed, so that everyone can get in the mood with their favorite foods that they look forward to all season. That means you can offer spiked eggnogs, coffees for dessert, or hot toddies.

You can also go for peppermint martinis or other classier, less sugary beverages that are still in the spirit, like a mulled wine. As for food, holiday sugar cookies, bacon-wrapped anything, and sweet potato casserole bites will wow the crowd.

Encourage Costumes

Whether it’s an upscale party, with evening gowns and suits, or an ugly sweater party, make sure people are encouraged to dress in holiday attire or color themes, like red and green, or gold and light blue. Giving guests an opportunity to dress outside of their norm will make the event special, and they’ll look forward to flexing their creative muscles and finding the perfect holiday-themed attire.

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