Ideas for Nonprofit Events

Ideas for Nonprofit Events

If you’re throwing a nonprofit event, you’ll want to make sure all the details are perfect to really represent your message, raise money, and bring greater awareness to the cause. Apart from booking a venue and having a good marketing plan in place to gain attraction and sell tickets to boost attendance in advance, you should also work on brainstorming ways to make the event more memorable and effective.

If it’s a success, that just means you’ll raise that attendance rate even further in the future and may find new active advocates for the organization moving forward. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for your next fundraising event.

Casino Royale

Hold a casino night as a fun theme for a nonprofit event. You can include card games, specialty cocktails, and live entertainment, like a band or DJ, as guests play their hands in their favorite cocktail attire. The theme itself brings a high level of sophistication, and it reminds people they’re coming out to support a fantastic cause and should splurge a little.

As for the buffet, make it grand and flashy, with black and white desserts like chocolate dipped strawberries (tuxedo style) and mini cheesecake popsicle sticks.

Wine Tasting and Auction

Instead of doing a silent or live auction, bring along your favorite sommeliers and invite guests to a wine auction, where they can leave with some delicious bottles to savor at home. Include a sit-down meal, some entertainment, a speech on the organization and the cause from a representative, but then also a fun auction after a tasting. For the auction, set up a mobile service so people can bid online as the event progresses—this will increase fundraising initiative and secure more profits.

You can pour some of the bottles that will be included during the meals so people can try a few in advance and see what they think! As for dessert, go with cheese and other items that work well with the notes of the wines.

Masquerade Gala

Who doesn’t love donning a mask and bringing some intrigue and mystery? For the nonprofit event, have guests come in a mask and include live entertainment for people to dance and mingle. You can even include fun contests and offer prizes for best mask and more. You can also give out masks and props to people that are branded with the organization’s name, as it’ll reinforce the reason everyone is there and add to fundraising efforts.

Around the World

Take guests around the world with different foods, entertainment, and photo opportunities. You can use different backdrops or photo walls to highlight different cultures and hire a photographer to snap away at each station. And each table will include a menu and centerpiece to embody the country. Guests can mingle and enjoy each station during the event.

Tips for Increasing Fundraising Efforts

As with any theme, make sure you provide information on the organization, a speaker or video presentation to highlight the work that’s being done and how guests can help, and opportunities to further get involved. People are very visual, so includes lots of great imagery.

Lastly, follow up with thank you notes, and they’ll sure to mark the next event on their calendars! Give people a way to stay in touch, and you can even request monthly donations in the thank you note to get consistent support.

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