Ideas for Mitzvah’s in 2019

Ideas for Mitzvah's in 2019 | Viper Alley

When it comes to throwing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you’ll want to pick an amazing idea that works well for celebrating the transition from childhood to adulthood. It should also allow for various forms of entertainment, décor, party favors, and more that all fit seamlessly into the overall theme.

If you’re feeling stuck—consider the guest of honor’s personality. Does he love sports? Does she enjoy music? Once that’s set, then think of a few ways to play off of those themes and build an entire party around the idea. Here are a few ideas to consider when planning a Mitzvah in 2019.


You can’t go wrong with sports. You can always do a general theme of sports, where each table could be a different one (you’d have the basketball table, the soccer table, etc.) and you can include food apps and games related to all the various types.

Or you can pick one sport you love—such as ice-skating or football—and make the whole party tie into that idea. You can have tables named after all-stars, party favors, like sweatpants, with a football or pair of skates on the pocket, and more.

With 2019 approaching, there are some opportunities to include new and creative sports, which have not been featured in the past. E-sports and games, like Fortnite, are more popular than ever. And with the 2020 Summer Olympics coming up, there are many new sports to develop a keen interest in, such as skateboarding, rock climbing, water polo, and more.

Movie Theme

Pick out your favorite movie and create a whole Mitzvah around it. You can incorporate games, décor, and menu items based on what’s shown in the film. For instance, if there’s a particular snack food someone is obsessed with, you can include it. Or if there’s a game that’s often played in the film, try re-enacting it at the party.

You can base your theme off of a favorite director. A John Hughes’ fan? Decorate tables with items from Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and 16 Candles. You can even play a trivia game with guests and feature all 80’s music to dance to.

While it might surprise you, some of the hottest movies include Star Wars and Marvel movies. Your family and friends might love this throwback as a Mitzvah theme, since it’s in such current popularity. Need some inspiration? Spend a Saturday having a movie marathon to brainstorm.


Who doesn’t love candy? For your 2019 Mitzvah, go with a theme that never gets old and doesn’t disappoint. Set up a candy station featuring your favorite goodies, like gummies, sour straws, chocolate bars, and even some throwback candies most people can’t find easily. Let guests all have a plastic bag to collect candy to bring back home as a party favor.

You can also give away candy-themed prizes during games, like pillows, and you can hand out necklaces for people to dance with and munch on in the evening, rather than glow-in-the-dark necklaces most kids are used to.

What’s more, the candy world has gotten very creative. It is easy to host unique opportunities, such as spinning your own cotton candy or preparing custom candies for your party. You can also combine candy with special treats like ice cream and cakes to add a personal touch to your favorite dessert.


Pick out a few genres of music you love, like pop, EDM, classic rock, and 80’s, and assign each genre to a table. Using music as a theme allows for great décor ideas, and it creates a killer playlist that will go on the entire evening. For entertainment, incorporate the different types of music into musical chairs or a trivia game. You can also have karaoke, where guests can pick up a microphone and belt out their favorite songs.

2019 may seem like a daunting, new world, but one thing is for sure—kids and adults love to dance. Listen to songs and gather ideas for some upbeat tunes that will get people on the dance floor. Who knows, you may even find yourself choreographing a dance with your soon-to-be adult.

Planning for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is exciting because it brings the whole family together. Make sure to incorporate some of these ideas as you plan your 2019 mitzvah, and most importantly, have fun with the process!

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