How to Set Your Wedding Date

How to Set Your Wedding Date

Hooray! You just got engaged! What are you going to do next?

While “going to Disney World” might seem like an appealing immediate next step after being proposed to (and if you have the means, you definitely should do so), you should probably also start to think about what the initial tasks in your wedding planning process are going to be. In most cases, one of the earliest choices couples make as they begin planning their wedding is the date of the event. But before you make that decision yourselves, there are a few other things you should do first.

Decide on a Season

When trying to decide on a wedding date, it can be helpful to start by determining what time of year would be the most ideal for you and your partner to get married. Peak wedding season typically falls between late spring and early autumn, so if you’re looking to book a summer wedding, be aware that you’re likely going to face tougher competition with other couples to successfully land one of those high-demand weekend spots. But if you have your heart set on holding your nuptials during the warmer months, don’t let this deter you! Just try to book as far enough in advance as you reasonably can.

Narrow It Down to a Few Potential Dates

After deciding on the season, take a look at the calendar for your wedding year and make a list of a couple possible date options that would work for you. Don’t narrow your focus so much that you only land on a single dream date, or you’ll run the risk of being disappointed if and when the venues you visit are already booked for that day. But by having a list of dates at the ready when you visit potential venues, it will be far easier to determine what options are the most plausible for your event.

Decide on the Best Venue

This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding. Your venue will set the tone for your event just as much as the music at the reception or the ceremony itself, so you’ll want to be sure to choose a place that is capable of bringing your dream to life. When speaking with the wedding specialist or manager at a prospective venue, don’t be afraid to ask them questions regarding their ability to help you put your wedding plans into action. Try to gain a strong sense of how much customization they can provide to fit your needs (for example, can they accommodate the size of your guest list? Do they offer in-house catering services? Do they have recommendations for vendors whose services complement what the venue provides?). Your ideal venue will be the one that’s the best match for your vision.

Solidify Your Budget

When there are so many purchases and bookings that go into making your wedding day as special as it will be, it can be confusing to keep track of it all. For that reason, you might want to consider opening an online bank account specifically for your wedding expenses. By keeping your allocated wedding funds separate from the rest of your personal finances, you’ll be able to proceed with confidence in knowing how much you realistically have to work with when booking your wedding date.

Do What Feels Right

It can be tempting to want to check in with all of your invitees and set your wedding date based on what will be most convenient for them, but remember that this is your big day! It’s one thing to be an accommodating host to your guests, but you shouldn’t feel the need to bend over backwards and fulfill their needs at the expense of your own. Regardless of the date you choose, the guests that are most important to you will find a way to be in attendance, so choose the date that feels like the best option for you and your spouse, and the rest of the details will fall into place as they should.

And Finally…

Book the dang thing, and get the rest of your planning underway!

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