How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months

How To Plan A Wedding In 3 Months

If you’re trying to plan a quickie wedding, you’re likely feeling the pressure. No need to stress—with a few tricks, you can limit anxiety and stay organized in creating your dream wedding under a time crunch.

Whether it’s a last minute wedding, or you’re just interested in speeding things up to reduce drawn out stress, you can plan an amazing event to meet your preferences and criteria. As long as you act fast and keep a schedule, you’ll be able to hit all those little details. Here are some helpful tips to get you walking down the aisle in three months, easily.

Book Things ASAP

Have a venue or caterer in mind? Lock those down as soon as you pick a date. Or, call them up immediately and see which dates are available within your three-month time frame. You’ll also want to prioritize some details over others. For instance, you might get the venue of your choice, but have to settle for a different florist who can’t accommodate on that date. Figure out your order of preferences beforehand so you can act fast when booking services.

Send Out Invites Immediately

Send out those invites as soon as possible. You can even create an e-vite online, but know that people might not open all their emails or check their inboxes regularly, so be prepared if a few guests don’t respond. Furthermore, have a B and C list in place. Since it only three months notice, it’s likely that several guests already have plans. By having a few backup lists prepared in advance, you can then send out those invites quickly and avoid wasting any time.

Get Dresses Off The Rack

There’s unfortunately no time for custom dresses within three months, so you’ll want to buy a dress off the rack or a sample gown. The same goes for bridesmaids’ gowns—you might want to suggest the bridal party wear the same color hue for dresses, as opposed to matching exactly. As for groomsmen, you might suggest a plain black suit or tuxedo and a specific colored tie, as opposed to something that would need to be custom designed. 

Partner With A Few Hotels For Room Blocks

If you’re trying to book out room blocks three months in advance, you might find that many hotels are already booked, especially if your wedding is in a prime vacation area or it’s during a busy season. Consider a few different hotels near your venue and create several room blocks for guests to choose from.

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