How to Plan a Party Slate Worthy Mitzvah

How to Plan a Party Slate Worthy Mitzvah

If you’re planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah party, you’ll want it to be impressive enough to stand out amongst the crowd of other middle schoolers and parents seeking the award for “best mitzvah of the year.” And to do that, you’ll need the best-of-the-best in vendors, venue, entertainment, food, and more.

Not only could you WOW your guest list, but also people online as you plan a “Party Slate worthy mitzvah” that can earn a spot on the sight, where others might view your gallery, take your recommendations, and use you as a resource for their own events. is a great site that offers photos of events, venue recommendations, and other helpful resources to help you plan a luxurious event that others will want to see photos of or model their own events off of.

So, want to qualify? Here are the steps to take to throw a mitzvah worthy of recognition.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until last minute to secure the details and guest list. First off, mitzvah season is competitive, as everyone in that grade at school is getting their bar or bat mitzvah at the same time. So, once you know your date, send out save-the-dates ASAP and follow up quickly with invitations to secure RSVPs. You risk losing a lot of responses if you don’t act fast.

What’s more, also lock down the venue, catering, and entertainment you want, especially if you are in a town where everyone will be fighting over the same vendors.


It is a good idea to hire a professional photographer ahead of time and to do some practice shoots beyond just looking at their portfolio or hearing about them through recommendations of friends. You can take save-the-date photos or make a bar or bat mitzvah photo album with a few photos of the family before the actual party, so you can see if you like the photos and want to hire them for the event itself.

A photo booth could be a fun option for people to take their own photos throughout the night! And props are definitely encouraged.

Food and Drink

Every kid loves a big buffet and lots of party foods, so you can’t go wrong with a loaded mashed potato bar, an ice cream station, a s’mores station, or make-your-own-tacos. However, if you do want sit-down for a fancier option, make sure you offer some variety, foods that are kid-friendly and adult-friendly, such as burgers, pasta, flatbread pizza, and even sushi (depending on the kid!).

As for drinks, you’ll want cocktails or an open bar for adults, but have some fun with mocktails, as they’re trending now even for adults! Kids will love the fancy mocktail recipes to make them feel more sophisticated, and they’ll make for beautiful photos.


Play around with lighting and make it fun and festive for teens! You can use neon lights, lasers and fog, animation on a projector, and offer cool light-up necklaces for when on the dance floor. If you have colors as a theme, then do different shades of that color block throughout the room for good ambience and aesthetic.


DJ? Band? Pick whichever appeals to you most and book early. Once you have entertainment for music set, you can then think about extras. Perhaps you’d like a special entrance for your special day—you can plan that with the performers regarding music, stage access, and dance choreography. You can also have additional features, like clowns, comedians, and more.


For the rest, think of the small, little details that make a huge difference. Consider flowers or centerpieces and make unique ones that stand out or play to a specific theme. You can also get creative in other areas—instead of place cards, use shells or sugar cookies with the person’s name on it. Use your imagination!

As long as you take note of the few ways to make your mitzvah way impressive and innovative, you’ll be able to land a spot on as being a slate-worthy party that others will want to copy in the future!

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