How To Plan A Memorable Graduation Party

How To Plan A Memorable Graduation Party

Congratulations! With four years of school over, it’s time to open the doors to the next chapter in your life. Such a victory calls for an awesome event, so knowing how to plan a graduation party that will exceed your expectations can make this moment that much more memorable. By taking initiative to secure your preferred vendors, dates, and miscellaneous details, you can create a fantastic party that your guests will love, totally stress-free. Here are 5 steps to take when planning your graduation party this spring.

Have A Budget

By establishing a budget for your event ahead of time, you’ll save yourself the trouble of fixating on items you can’t afford and have an easier time narrowing down your guest list. Think about your priorities—do you have your heart set on a venue, or is there a certain number of people you’re obligated to invite? Think about the ways you can lower the costs. For instance, instead of sending printed invites, you can create an awesome e-vite that your guests will love.

Have A Photo Booth

When celebrating graduation, a few photo opportunities can take your party to the next level. Setting up a photo booth can make for some great memories and a positive atmosphere. By including some props, such as wacky sunglasses, tiaras, boas, and mustaches on sticks, guests can be silly and playful. You can also create a photo album or upload the images to Facebook to share with guest following the party.

Have Finger Foods

Picking the right foods for your graduation party can really set the mood. Sometimes, a sit-down meal won’t get the party jumping. By including finger foods that are quick to eat, such as chicken nuggets, mini pizza pies, bruschetta, and meatballs (or anything on a stick!), you’ll make it easy for guests to grab and go between mingling with others and grooving to the beat.

Give Out Party Favors

Don’t let guests leave empty handed! Providing goodie bags for guests to take home after the event is a great way to make your graduation party more memorable. You can create bags filled with cake pops or candy, or you can even set up a cookie station, where guests can fill their bags to their hearts’ delight. You can also go a more sentimental route and create personalized shirts or stationary for your friends, in celebration of your school and class.

Send Thank You Cards

Within two weeks following your event, it’s best to send thank you notes to inform guests of how much appreciative you are of their attendance. If you’ve received a gift, this note is even more critical. The simple reminder that the shared experience had a meaningful impact on you can instantly make your graduation party more memorable for all. A printed, hand-written note is preferable, as it appears more intimate to the recipient.

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