How to Have the Best 2019 Graduation Party

How to Have the Best 2019 Graduation Party | Viper Alley

If you’re approaching graduation day, you are saying goodbye to one chapter and looking towards the future. It’s such an exciting time, and it deserves recognition and celebration through a party where you can gather your friends, family, and schoolmates to share in and build those memories.

However it can be daunting to plan a graduation party, especially if you are doing so while you’re still going through finals or preparing for post-graduation plans. That’s why it’s smart to work with your venue and use their tips and expertise to give you the wildest, happiest graduation party of your dreams. Here are our top suggestions for having the ultimate graduation party for 2019.

Make it Relevant to the Present

What has happened in 2019 that might make for a relevant theme that guests will know of and enjoy? Perhaps you can use trending colors or foods or you can set the DJ playlist to play mash-ups and remixes of the latest songs that are currently on the radio, as opposed to some oldies.

Of course, you can make a theme for a party from previous decades, such as an 80s theme, but keeping it in style for 2019 is a great way to celebrate the present moment and thinking of what’s to come.

Consider “Trendy” Diets

Think of the food and diet trends for 2019. There’s keto, whole30, paleo, and more, and certain foods are trending, such as seed butters, tropical fruits, and “faux meat.” It’s a good idea to design a menu that can meet some of these dietary restrictions so everyone has something to eat at the event.

For instance, look for some low-carb snacks, like meat on cucumber slices or even bacon-wrapped asparagus. (Who can say no to bacon, right?) You can even use tropical fruits, like mango and papaya, for dessert and can dip them in chocolate or freeze for popsicle treats. Think outside the box and have some fun.

Invite People in Advance

If you want your friends and loved ones there, invite them in advance to secure their RSVP. Since this is a graduation party, it’s a super busy time where there is a lot of competition—you are not the only one graduating! Consider save the dates or just invites a month or so before. They can be formal or an email invite.

Include Ways to Make Great Memories

It’s smart to find ways to build memories, so consider a photo booth with some silly props, a graduation book that guests can sign to wish their congrats and luck, and mementos for guests to take home, such as a journal and pen or some desserts like cookies, both with the guest of honor’s or the school’s insignia.

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