How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding Day

How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding Day

Wedding days are full of special moments that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. You hope that your wedding day will be worry-free, with perfect weather, beautiful flowers, and your loved ones surrounding you. However, to have a wedding that is stress-free, you’ll need to plan and prepare beforehand. You’ll need to pay attention to small details to create the wedding day of your dreams. 

We’ve compiled some tips to help you have a stress-free wedding day.

Consider the weather

Often, many brides don’t think about the weather as they are planning their wedding. Even if you don’t think the weather will be a factor, it’s still important to plan ahead for bad weather, just in case. If you’re taking pictures outside, then you may want to think about having umbrellas on hand just in case the weather goes south. That way, if it does, you’ll have peace of mind and not have to worry about getting drenched on your special day. 

If your wedding is during the winter, especially in a colder location, then you’ll want to think about clothing and transportation from locations like the hotel and venue. Booking nearby can help you deal with the winter weather. Remember, once your wedding date is about a week away, check the weather and check it in the days leading up to your wedding day. 

Create a wedding day timeline

For a wedding day to go smoothly, a timeline will need to be in place. Create a wedding day timeline and share it with your photographer, planner, and caterer. That way, they’ll know what time they need to be at the venue, and the times of specific events taking place during the wedding day, such as the cake cutting. 

You’ll also want to share your wedding day timeline with your wedding party and family members. That way they will know what time they should be at the venue and what time pictures are taking place. It’s also important for them to know the timeline so that they can help the wedding day stay on schedule.

Plan out small details

There are so many small and seemingly insignificant details that some brides don’t consider until their actual wedding day, but should consider before the big day. Remembering to schedule out time to eat breakfast is one of these details. Often, a bride or groom forget to eat because they are so busy getting ready or delegating tasks. A full stomach on a wedding day can help a bride and groom focus on what really matters—instead of their hunger pains. 

Another small detail that will help you be stress-free on your wedding day is to bring a second pair of shoes, especially if you’re the bride. Many brides choose to wear high heels that become uncomfortable after long periods of time. A bride can bring a second pair of shoes—one that is much comfier. Plus, a comfy pair of shoes will ensure that the bride can dance all night long. 

Delegate tasks

On the day of a wedding, a bride and groom shouldn’t have any outstanding tasks to complete, besides enjoying themselves. Before a wedding day, a bride and groom can delegate tasks to people in the wedding party or even a wedding planner. A bride can choose one of her bridesmaids to help her with her wedding dress and veil. This way, the bride will have help with fixing her dress and veil for photos, the ceremony, and other occasions during the day.

Another task to consider delegating to a family member or close friend could be wrangling people for photos. Sometimes during a wedding day, a member of the wedding party gets distracted and doesn’t notice when they are supposed to be posing for pictures. A photo wrangler’s job is to assemble people for photos and make wedding pictures as painless as possible.

To make your wedding day less stressful, remember these tips while you are planning your wedding. Check up on the weather before your wedding day so that you can come prepared. Create a wedding day timeline so that your wedding party and family members will know exactly what is happening and when. Plan out small details beforehand so that you will be comfortable on your wedding day. Lastly, delegate tasks before the day of your wedding, so that you don’t have to deal with them yourself. By paying attention to these details, you’ll be able to plan a wedding day that can be stress-free.

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