How to Customize Your Wedding to Make it Yours

How to Customize Your Wedding to Make it Yours | Viper Alley

There’s a lot that goes into planning your wedding—beyond securing the venue, entertainment, and date, there are several little details that can personalize and elevate your event. From custom centerpieces and signature cocktails to dessert bars and more, it’s easy to have some fun playing around with different ways to express yourself as a couple and make your wedding day even more special.

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few ideas for taking your wedding to the next level and really making it stand out amongst the others this wedding season.

Create Your Own Centerpieces

Instead of setting up a bouquet of flowers or lights, make your own creative centerpieces that speak to how you two are as a couple. For instance, if you love nature together, you can focus on greenery or wood to craft something beautiful and rustic-inspired. You can even carve out your initials together on a wood and then adorn it with flowers, lights, or other elements that would bring it all together.

Set up Food and Drink Stations Inspired From Dates

What was your first date? A sporting event? Drinks? Dinner? Think of what you shared and use those memories to incorporate into the dining and beverage package at your wedding.

If you had a great time at that baseball game, set up a pretzel or hot dog station and include a “Why?” card on the table that explains the reason—you both chowed down on these snacks on one of your favorite dates in the past. Likewise, if you grabbed margaritas and tacos on that first date, you can set up a taco station and serve a signature drink of margaritas.

Have Some Say With the Playlist

Whether you have a band or DJ, have some say in the song choice. Of course, trust them to do their jobs and pick some awesome tunes, but give yourself a few song options that you can play throughout the night. Before each song plays, the performer (or you and your partner) can quickly share the story as to why this song is so meaningful to you both.

Make Photo Opportunities Special

Make a lasting impression on your guests with playful photo opportunities. Consider having a wall or frame that has insignia on it, like the date of the wedding and the hashtag you’ve chosen, where guests can take photos to take home with them. The shot will be unique and will directly remind them of you both as being important in their lives.

Once the big details are set, give yourself time to brainstorm fun ways to make your event more personal. This is a happy occasion to honor you both as a couple so think of memories and shared loves that you can feature at your wedding. Those little add-ons will make it much more memorable.

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