How to Create the Perfect Menu for Your Holiday Party

Tis’ the season for exchanging gifts, cutting out paper snowflakes, and kissing under the mistletoe. It’s also the season to start planning your upcoming holiday partyso grab some hot cocoa and get to work! While planning your holiday party, you’ll want to think about a venue, invitations, decorations, music, and most importantly, a caterer. Your caterer will play an important role in your holiday event since they can help your holiday menu ideas come to life. Plus, they’ll help you pick delicious holiday party food, which everyone will enjoy. 

Once you’ve selected a caterer, you can begin creating the perfect menu for your gathering. Here’s a list of steps you should take with your caterer to build a menu for a successful holiday party.

Choose how to serve the food

Before you decide on what kinds of holiday party food to serve, you should decide how it should be presented. There are many different ways to distribute food at a festivity, some of which include a buffet of various dishes or a display of appetizers. You can ask your caterer for recommendations on how you should serve food at your event. Their advice will vary depending on your party’s theme, your budget, the number of people attending, and the type of food. 

Next, talk with your caterer about what types of food you would like guests to eat, as well as any other unique holiday menu ideas you have. 

Decide on entrées and drinks

Now that you know how you will serve your food, you need to determine what kinds of entrées and drinks you would like to serve at your party. It’s important to pick entrées first, so that everything else on the menu can be designed around them. For example, if you choose pizza as the main entrée, you could select beer as a complimentary drink. Some catering menus offer entrées like sliders, fettuccine alfredo pasta, chicken marsala, chicken fajitas, and more. 

Drinks are a necessity for any holiday menu. If kids are attending your event, you can serve assorted sodas. For adults attending your party, you can distribute red or white wines, domestic or imported beers, or both. Some caterers have bar packages, with a variety of wines, beers, sodas, gins, and juices. Other caterers might have a specialty drink option, which you could encourage people to order instead of offering a variety of drinks at a liquor bar. Talk with your caterer about which entrées and drinks you should serve at your event. 

Pick appetizers and desserts

Guests love to snack on tasty morsels while they’re chatting with friends at holiday parties. Appetizers are a great addition to a holiday menu because they can help satisfy your guests’ hunger until the main dishes are served. Some appetizers can be fun to experience, like a cart that serves freshly popped popcorn. If you’re in search of more upscale appetizer ideas, you can decide between mini crab cakes, cocktail shrimp, or sushi rolls. The options are endless, so pick appetizers that you think your guests will enjoy eating the most during your holiday party.

Desserts and sweet treats are usually expected foods at holiday parties. Try a dessert menu with molten chocolate cake and cheesecake, or gourmet cookie cupcakes. For those who don’t have a sweet tooth, serve fresh mixed berry martinis. To mix it up, have a sundae bar so that guests can customize their own ice cream creation with hot fudge, sprinkles, and whipped cream. You’ll please and satisfy your guests by serving tasty appetizers and desserts at your event. 

Finalizing menu details

Now that you’ve decided on your holiday menu, it’s time to finalize the small details that will make your event unforgettable. Figure out how many people will be attending your event by counting your RSVP’s and then let your caterer know the expected numbers. If there are any people with dietary restrictions, double-check that there are food options available for them. Lastly, before your event, make sure there are easy-to-read labels for the food and drinks served so that people can see exactly what their choices are. 

Remember to select a caterer who is open to your suggestions about your gathering’s menu. After you appoint a caterer, communicate with them about how you would like to serve the holiday party food at your event. Then, after you decide this detail, talk about your holiday menu ideas. First, determine which entrées you would like to serve at your party. Then, choose drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your menu by choosing holiday party foods that compliment your theme. Lastly, finalize any last-minute details, like food for people with dietary restrictions. Taking these steps can help you build the perfect menu for your upcoming holiday gathering.

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