How to Craft the Perfect Party Playlist

How to Craft the Perfect Party Playlist | Viper Alley

When it comes to hosting a party, a lot of details go into making it a killer event. While food, décor, and entertainment are all really important, there’s no denying how critical the music is, as the tunes you’re listening to set the whole mood and ambience in the room.

That means, you’ll want to craft a fun, upbeat playlist that will get the crowd going and work for your event. If you feel stuck—as if there are too many genres and artists to choose from—these tips can help you narrow down your options and create a theme that’ll provide consistency, while still versatility, for the duration of the party.

Think of Your Attendees

Are your guests in their 20s and 30s or are they of an older crowd? And what are you celebrating? A Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or a charity event? All of these details matter in finalizing a playlist that’ll work well for the cause and guest list. If everyone is a bit younger and are celebrating a happy occasion, a few songs within Pop or EDM might be a wise choice.

If it’s an older demographic, some swoony-jams from the 60’s and 70’s might be more fitting. And if it’s for a charity event, you’ll want a few slower-paced, mellow songs that blend in the background, unless you open up a dance floor for an after-party feel.

Bring in Some Hit Songs

You can definitely choose a few songs that some people don’t know or are new on the radio, but you’ll also want some signature party songs so that everyone can throw their hands up in the air for and sing out loud. A few options might be “Sweet Caroline,” “YMCA,” or “Living on a Prayer.” And when those songs come on, clear the dance floor to allow guests to get a little wild!

Ask for Advice

Not sure how to create a good playlist? Ask for help! You can definitely seek advice from party planners at your venue, as they’ll have some knowledge on entertainment and know great vendors and musicians who can act as a guide. If you’re having live entertainment from a DJ, you can also tell them what types of genres and songs you’re looking for and have them create one for you.

Bring in Versatility

While you do want a theme, as in either high-energy songs or laidback tunes, you also want to show some variety. That means you could go from a fun 80s song, like “Jessie’s Girl,” or “Like a Prayer,” to a current Selena Gomez song, like “Back to You.” All three are up-beat and danceable, while still from different genres and decades.

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