Holiday Stress Management Tips When Planning An Event

Holiday Stress Management Tips When Planning An Event

Tis’ the season for holiday parties. Of course, if you’re planning one, there might be enough on your plate to begin with. The end of the year is always pretty hectic, so adding another task to your already busy schedule can be challenging. However, there’s no better time to throw a celebration and come together with close friends, family, and co-workers.

Instead of backing out, just be more prepared. Here are 4 holiday stress management tips to keep in mind when planning an event. That way, you’ll have a smoother process and can really enjoy every moment leading up to the big event. 

Book Early

There’s tons of competition during the holidays when it comes to venue, catering, floral displays, entertainment, and more. All those details—big and small—that go into planning an event become a lot harder to secure, as many people and businesses are busy throwing their own extravaganzas.

To lock in the date and preferred vendors you want, you’ll want to get started early on sending out those invites and making phone calls to book well in advance. Plus, if you do book early, you might score better deals.

Make Sure There Are Enough Food Options

Do you have guests who are vegan? Gluten-free? Lactose-intolerant? You’ll want to make sure there’s a wide variety of food for guests to nibble on. By being prepared ahead of time, you’ll avoid any stress leading up to and at the event itself, as everyone will be able to find something to eat that’s within dietary needs. An example? Give a few holiday dessert options, beyond just cake, for people to choose from, such as a customizable s’mores station or a cookie bar.

Have Seating Arrangements

If your event calls for a sit-down meal and entertainment aspect, you’ll want to limit any seating confusion or stress by creating a seating chart. This way, guests will know where to sit, and the meal and performance will carry on with ease. Of course, if the event is more of a networking or happy hour structure, seating arrangements might not be necessary.

Have A Theme

It’s easy to come up with a theme during the holidays: classic holiday movies, winter wonderland, ugly sweater party, and more. Plus, it’s fun! By coming up with a theme before planning the details, you can simplify the process by making sure that all aspects, such as venue, décor, food, and entertainment, all relate back to the general theme. This helps ease stress, as you’ll have a clear direction as to which vendors you should book.

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