5 Wedding Trends for 2020

If you’re getting hitched in 2020, then you’ve no doubt been busy booking your venue, selecting your caterer, and choosing a photographer. You’ve probably been researching trends and trying to stay in touch with creative ideas for your wedding plans. Wedding trends can help your big day be stylish, detailed, and unique. It’s also important to know that trends can be tailored to your wedding so that it is both contemporary and personalized. On that note, here are 5 wedding trends for 2020 you’ll want to think about using.

Creative floral arrangements

This year, using flowers in extraordinary ways is all the rage. People traditionally use flowers on table centerpieces, but now, it’s popular to use taller and larger centerpieces so that they are more noticeable. Other popular flower arrangements will be hanging, either from the ceiling or from rafters, dripping down into the room. Some unique floral arrangements will decorate archways, continuing a trend from recent years. Bouquets will be more colorful this year, and you might even see more wildflowers being used, as well as locally grown flowers. Another unique trend will be dried flowers. Blooming flowers will continue to stun and transform weddings in 2020 with unique arrangements. 

Personalized menus

In 2020, personalized menus at weddings will be a big deal. With so many people who eat vegan or gluten-free foods now, it’s important for menus to have different options for those who have dietary restrictions. Personalized menus will help the people who attend your wedding feel included, even if they have dietary restrictions or food allergies. Talk with your caterer about creating a menu with choices for everybody who attends your wedding. 

Innovative bars

Sip, sip, hooray! Innovative bars will make a splash in 2020. People are starting to hire mixologists instead of bartenders for their wedding. What’s a mixologist, you ask? A mixologist is someone who is an expert at creating cocktails. Hiring a mixologist creates a fun bar experience for those at your wedding.

Another clever way to serve drinks at your wedding comes in the form of a self-service bar. Guests will love being creative while making their own drinks. Both ways are innovative and can provide enjoyable experiences for people attending your wedding.

Eco-friendly weddings

Eco-friendly weddings will permeate in 2020. People are becoming more concerned about the environment, and as a result, they want weddings that are eco-friendly. This can range from decorating with reusable items to composting leftover food. Basically, people will want their weddings to leave a smaller environmental footprint, instead of being wasteful. So, if you’re feeling like your wedding should go green, you can incorporate this trend. 

Statement lighting

The year 2020 brings unorthodox wedding lighting. Choose what type of lighting you want to set the mood at your wedding, whether you select string lights in bottles, hanging light bulbs, floating lanterns, LED lights, or colored lights. You can channel romantic vibes with candles, or you could use flashing vibrant lights for a more energetic atmosphere. Remember, the lighting at your wedding, whether traditional or not, will contribute to the atmosphere of it.

Planning ahead

When you plan your wedding in 2020, take a minute to consider these wedding trends. You can use creative floral arrangements to make a decorative statement. Personalized menus and innovative bars can give people a fun experience during your wedding. An eco-friendly wedding can help the environment. Statement lighting is not only practical but can also create an ambiance at your wedding. With all of these trends to consider, you’ll want to talk with your wedding planner, caterer, and venue to make sure all of your plans will come to life on the day of your dreams

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