Event Fundraising Ideas for 2019

Event Fundraising Ideas for 2019 | Viper Alley

If you’re planning a fundraising event for 2019, it’s important to work with your venue staff to make sure all the details are particular to your liking and work well for the theme and purpose of the event. As it’s a time to bring awareness to the cause, raise money, and gain more future engagement from guests, the event needs to be pretty awesome and make a statement.

And the message should be clear—this is what we do, this is why we care, and this is how you can help make a difference. In order to get all of those points across, follow these ideas and gather insight and assistance from your venue.

Consider Every Moment

Make sure to plan ahead of time to hammer out the logistics. For instance, what is the parking situation? Will there be a valet or should people park elsewhere? You want to make sure guests are prepared with any transportation that is needed for the event.

What’s more, if it is chilly or a formal event, people may need jackets. Will there be a coat check onsite? How will that be organized to help the event flow nicely?

You should also consider the schedule. Are people meeting prior to the event? Will there be a cocktail hour before presentations and the silent auction? Will there be a sit-down meal or a buffet? How should the layout of the room accommodate such progression? These are details to figure out in advance with the venue to make sure the atmosphere matches the timeframe for the event.

Identify Opportunities for Sponsorship 

The purpose of hosting a fundraising event is to include opportunities for sponsorship that will raise money and help spread the word of the organization. You can work with the venue for ideas regarding how best to represent the organization and take advantage of the space.

Discuss where you can put up signs and tables and how best to recognize donors in the space. Is there a stage? An area to create a poster board or slideshow of people’s bios and faces? See how many tables can fit around the room to feature different aspects of the organization or silent auction accessibility.

Set the Room for the Ask

See how best to set the room in order to wow the crowd and meet your expectations for raising money and boosting awareness. Work with your event coordinator to fill the space with proper tools to make the most of the experience. That might include certain photos of people within the organization, posters and other materials that provide essential information, and other ways to become more involved or make a donation on-site.

Create Opportunities to Make Memories

Make the most of these precious moments with fun attractions that will bring people together and provide tangible items to hold for sentimental reasons and as a reminder of the organization and those positive feelings that are associated with it.

A great way to do this is to feature a photobooth, karaoke, bowling, or performances. Performances can be from members of the organization that showcase talents or they can be live performances from comedians or musicians that will simply make the event more fun. You can also have speakers to help educate the audience in an enjoyable manner.

Show Gratitude

Find a way to give thanks to your donors and team for all their hard work in supporting the organization, its cause, and its success in garnering more attention and profit. You can create a slideshow of their accomplishments, invite them on stage for a round of applause, or provide little gifts at the event to individually express gratitude.

Planning a fundraising event can be even better when you work closely with the event professionals at your venue. Working together, it can make your event more effective and enjoyable, raising more money and making a bigger impact.

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