DIY Ideas for Your Wedding

DIY Ideas for Your Wedding

If you’re throwing a wedding party to celebrate your nuptials, those costs can surely add up. Between the venue, guests, catering, entertainment, and floral arrangements, you’ll find yourself with likely a hefty bill you may not want to pay when starting your marriage. And even if it’s not about money, including DIY ideas brings more personality to your big day.

Look to these DIY features that add some flair to your venue and perhaps even make the wedding livelier than it would’ve been with traditional elements that have been done a million times before.

Wondering where to begin? Try including these DIY ideas for your wedding for a festive, unique, and truly special party you and your guests will remember.


Instead of getting a huge floral arrangement for the tables, get crafty instead and make your own statement pieces. You can try making your own lamps out of paper or set the table with collages of the couple. You can also make your own centerpieces of wine bottles that are sparkled with glitter or use vintage tea tins. You might even have some fun while making them with your soon-to-be partner.

Autograph Boards

Having an autograph board is a super fun way to make memories and include guests in the festivities. They can share their kind words with you and get creative themselves, and it’s a nice element to bring into a wedding that’s artistic and incredibly affordable. All you need is a board and some markers, and you’re set!

Signature Drinks

If you don’t want to pay for a premium bar package with several different liquors, wines, and beers, you can do a cash bar or a lower-cost package and then include some signature “his” and “her” drinks for people to sip on instead. And even if you do go all out for that bar, signature drinks help personalize your event and honor the two of you.

For instance, the “her” drink could be a fruity tequila drink that reminds the bride of her favorite vacation spot and the “his” drink could be a manly Manhattan that is his go-to when ordering a cocktail at the bar.

A Flower Wall

Create an awesome, breathtaking backdrop for guests to take photos against with a flower wall. Instead of buying fancy flowers, you can make the wall yourself at home, which will be a fun project for you and your fiancé, or you can purchase one online, which happens to be pretty affordable.

Place Cards

Ditch boring cards and use your imagination for DIY place cards guests can use to mark their seats. You can use wine corks, poker cards, cookies or donut holes, and more. It brings a little something extra that’ll make a splash at your event.

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