Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas for Generation Z

Bar Mitzvah Party Ideas for Generation Z

There’s no greater time in a young man or woman’s life than their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, as it’s the special occasion where they go from being a kid to feeling just like an adult. And no matter if you’re the guest of honor or a guest, you’re sure to have an amazing time celebrating!

Between games, delicious food, entertainment, and a great mix of classic, throwback, and present-day jams, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are always incredibly fun and memorable. However, for Generation Z, all details need to be unique, trendy, and super, super cool.

The good news is there are so many options to take that Mitzvah party to the next level, all of which will really resonate with the demographic. Need some inspiration? Look to these exciting ideas for your next Bar Mitzvah bash!

Futuristic Theme

Gen Z is all about the future—they’re the upcoming generation that will pave the way for what the next years will be like. So, of course they’d love a little peek into the future with a futuristic theme. You can use robots, other-worldly decorations, and lots of metallic-looking accessories that people can throw on and dance with. You can also do a Back to the Future theme based on the film for a fun play on the idea—you can have a McFly mocktail and integrate set characters and plotlines into the event.

Selfie Book

Generation Z is all about the selfies, whether they’re posting on Instagram or playing around with different Snapchat filters. A great way to speak to this crowd and create wonderful memories that the Bar Mitzvah man can take home is to have everyone snap away selfies with disposable cameras and then you can put them in a book. Or you can just set up a photo booth but have everyone post their photos on a board for everyone to see.

A Toast Bar

No—we don’t mean toasting to cocktails! Gen Z definitely likes their fancy toasts, like avocado toast or cheese with sweet or savory toppings, so you can set up a “toast bar,” where everyone can customize their fancy toasts with the best bases and toppings available. You can use different types of breads, proteins, spreads, and you can even head into dessert territory, with options like Nutella and cookie butter.

Sports, But Apparel

Sure you can do a basketball or soccer theme, both of which will never go out of style for a boy looking to plan a Bar Mitzvah; however, the newest trend in sports and fitness is more so athleisure. From trendy sneakers with technological features to fitness watches, and more, there are so many awesome ways to highlight this field based on apparel and accessories. You can use these items for centerpieces, giveaways, and more.

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