7 Things People Forget About When Planning a Wedding

7 Things People Forget About When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is hard work—you need to think of the big things like which venue you want, whether you want a band or DJ, and how many people you’re looking to invite. However, it is also important to consider the little details that could be forgotten, like how soon to send out save-the-dates, or whether nearby hotels have room for your guests at packaged rates.

Because your mind is likely spinning—so much to do and not as much time as you imagined!—it’s natural to let some things slide or keep putting them off until you’re stuck. To avoid such a hassle, here’s a guide to a few small but important things to consider before the last minute. Make sure to prioritize them to save yourself the stress come wedding day!

Have a Back Up Plan for Bad Weather

Planning an outdoor wedding? That seems like a beautiful idea until you wake up on the morning of the ceremony, only to find that it’s raining, leaving you with no plan for moving the ceremony indoors. Because weather is variable, you should also arrange for a plan B in case the weather does not cooperate. The plan could involve moving the ceremony to an indoor ballroom, finding available space at the same venue, or to reserving a separate backup venue.

Schedule Transportation for Bridal Party and Guests

You don’t want guests to show up late to the wedding or struggling to find where to go, so consider arranging transportation, like a shuttle or bus, to take guests from the hotel to the venue. Don’t forget to account for the bridal party, as they’ll probably leave earlier than the guests but after the bride and groom.

Know When the Sun Sets

Sunset is a great time for taking beautiful photos, so you don’t want to be dancing or digging into cake when the sun is setting and miss the photo opportunity. Make sure to talk with your photographer beforehand to schedule a time to meet them for some photos during the golden hour.

Remember Gratuity

When budgeting, remember to factor in the additional cost of tip. You will likely include 18-22 percent gratuity on top of set costs for services such as catering, so be sure to keep that in mind when creating a budget to avoid unexpected expenses. 

Create a Wedding Website Before Save-The-Dates

Make sure you have a site up with the wedding information: the location of the ceremony and reception, the date, and the hotels nearby. You don’t need a registry or your story as a couple just yet if you need time to build those features, but this information should be posted prior to the cards. People will want something to view online to evaluate the costs and logistics of travel. You could even put the URL of your site on the card so that people can find it easily.

Give Catering a List of Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

Have guests fill out any dietary restrictions on the card with their RSVP so that you can send that information over to catering ahead of time and avoid any issues on the wedding day. That way, your caterers can plan accordingly and make sure everyone has something to eat that will taste amazing and not cause any health issues.

Book a Hotel Block

Guests want a good rate and hotels need to set aside a set number of rooms to accommodate your party, so be sure to contact nearby places immediately. You don’t want guests to pay exorbitant amounts of money, or have to stay at a hotel miles away from the venue. Hotels book up fast, especially during wedding season or holiday weekends, so act fast.

To make your wedding weekend less stressful, remember to prioritize these items on your to-do list of wedding day tasks that require advance preparation. That way, instead of stressing, you can focus on enjoying the great moments with friends and family on your big day.

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