5 Ways To Plan The Perfect Graduation Party

As far as momentous occasions go, Graduation Day is at the top of the list. It can be both exciting and scary to close one chapter and open another, but after four years of high school or college under your belt, it’s fair to say that a major celebration is deserved.

Here are 5 steps to take in delivering the perfect graduation party, a festivity that the whole family will remember for years to come.

Plan A Budget

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Before getting to the glitz and glam, it’s crucial to nail down a budget. Straying from the budget will add unnecessary stress and will likely result in disappointment. Think about where you can save money. Perhaps you can create your own centerpieces for the tables.

Know when to make sacrifices, and list items in order of priority—for instance, in order to stay in budget, you might need to forgo the photo booth in order to showcase a cupcake bar.

Create A Guest List

A guest list can certainly get out of hand—when you think of all the family, friends, teachers, neighbors, students and pets you want to include, it’s hard to make cuts. Unfortunately, the party cannot contain that many people, for volume and wallet sake!

Choose a certain number of friends to invite to complement the family guest list, and hold off on neighbors and teachers (unless you have a very close relationship with one!) until you review the RSVP list. If there is wiggle room or a few openings, feel free to fill the gap.

Send Out Invitations

Once you have established the guest list, send out invitations promptly, as graduation season can become extremely busy fast. Your graduation is occurring with many others, and you’ll want to secure an RSVP “Yes” ahead of time.

For a budget-friendlier move, create a fancy paperless post to send to friends and family over email. There are many creative designs for graduation celebrations to choose from, or you can insert your own photo.

If you prefer formal hand-written notes, customize your own invitations at a stationary store. You might also want to purchase thank you cards, as well, as you’ll be more prepared to send them out in a timely manner. Furthermore, you can send thank you cards out as gifts arrive, saving you time and anxiety.

Pick A Venue And Theme

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Picking a venue and theme 3-4 months in advance is smart, as a lot of venues book up during the competitive graduation season. Consider possible activities that you and your guests might enjoy. Do you like bowling, mini golf or karaoke? By centering the party on an activity, it will be easier to decide on which venue, theme and party-schedule works best for the occasion.

Let’s go with the bowling theme, for instance. The cake can be a giant bowling ball, souvenirs can be mini pinballs with a personalized photo on them, tablecloths can be pinstripes and foods can be game-day favorites, such as fries, burgers, chicken sandwiches and popcorn.

Bites and Sips

Creating a buffet of different bites and sips for everyone to try can really embrace the “family style” spirit of the occasion. Think about the foods that might go with your theme or consider what types of foods you love. Would a tea party theme work well? Mini sandwiches, scones, tea and champagne—these are all light and classy and highlight how special this day really is. Is your family Italian? Feature a feast of spaghetti with meatballs, pizzas and chicken Parmesan.

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