5 Trends In Private Events For 2017

It’s the New Year, and that means it’s time to celebrate! Let the festivities continue. With 2017, there have been new trends in event planning in order to elevate the guest experience, attendance rate, and overall success of private events. With greater emphasis on marketing techniques, technology and social media, and goal-oriented strategies that boost attendance, ticket sales, or profit, social gatherings are becoming better than ever. Here are 5 trends in private events that are a total win for the New Year.

Alternative Food Options

As shown in 2016, different dietary restrictions and preferences are in high demand, and it’s important to serve food at an event that will satisfy all taste buds. The greatest way to do this is through a variety of options, such as a few vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian bites. Additionally, there’s been an emphasis on eliminating food waste. Many chefs and catering companies are hoping to repurpose food parts into new, artful dishes that can taste great, save money, and better the world.

Live Video Interaction

In order to boost attendance for upcoming events, as well as return attendance for future events, live video is a great way spark interest and capture the excitement of a private gathering. With an emphasis on social media and video in the event industry for 2017, using both Facebook and Twitter, you’re able to create live video coverage to create a communal atmosphere that is warm and inviting and can be shared with others.

Gamification And Mobile Use

Mobile Use Trends for private events in 2017

With an increase in technology, smartphone use, and app development, guests at events are always looking for ways to interact digitally before, during, and after an event. This gamification feature is especially prevalent at corporate events and conferences, as it improves guest engagement. Use of technology for private events makes the experience less conventional and more experiential, innovative, and interesting.

Guest Participation

More people are looking to attend events where guest participation is emphasized. Instead of having a standard lecture, it’s become trendier to hire a speaker or entertainer to interact with attendees and provide stimulating activities and conversational points that everyone can partake in. This trend is especially prevalent for corporate events and team-building private parties.


There’s no harm in planning a fabulous event and simultaneously saving the world, right? You’re likely to find an increased focus on sustainability in 2017 regarding private events. Sustainability efforts might appear in menu design, where guests can enjoy safe, sustainability cuisine and fresh, local ingredients, as well as in dining ware, such as plates and napkins. Using recycled materials for décor is another way to better the environment.

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